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Survival Fallen Souls


The Destroyer
Fallen Souls
This is a map I've been working on for awhile now. If any of you know me, you know I create with the intention to share, but never finish the creation process. However this time will be different. I'm not just creati g a cool house. I'm creating an entire world! Below you will find the Pros, Cons, and Misc Info about the world.

Note: This map is NOT done and I have no clue or guess as to when it will be.

¤ World size is Large.
¤ Contains Corruption and artificial Crimson.
¤ There's a building in every different biome.
¤ Bridges can sometimes be found too save you from some call damage.
¤ Certain chest loot has been altered.
¤ All houses are unique in their own way.
¤ Some houses will have trap deffenses
¤ This entire map has been manually created, no editor's were used.
¤ The basic shape of the world remains intact, even though some underground chest loot was altered.

¤ There are 4 Corruption biomes (one being right next to the jungle).
¤ There's only 1 artificial Crimson Biome.
¤ There is no Crimson Boone Chest.
¤ King Slime has unintentionally been defeated.


Bro...it's king slime. King slime is nothing more than a large pile of half digested stomach fluids mixed with creosote oil, who somehow managed to find a crown and a royal gel so none of his slimy minions can betray his everlasting rule over the world of all things that possibly include a lack of players.
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