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tModLoader Fargo's Mutant Mod: Summons and Souls

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Fargowilta, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    Fargo's Mod.jpg

    Welcome to the Fargo's Mod thread!

    The mod has just been split in 2! One part has the Town NPCs and a bunch of Quality of Life changes and the other has the Soul Accessories, Boss Weapons and Masochist Mode.

    Fargo's Mutant Mod

    This mod is a QoL mod to make some things easier to deal with, especially grinding.

    The Mutant
    He will spawn after any boss has been killed (vanilla or modded).
    He sells boss summons after each one is killed for the first time.
    He also sells special summons when certain requirements are met.

    Current Mods the Mutant Supports
    -Thorium by @DivermanSam
    -Calamity by @MountainDrew
    -Spirit Mod by @PhoenixBlade
    -Tremor Mod by @zadum4ivii
    -Joost Mod by @Joost8910
    -Crystilium Mod by @Graydee
    -Sacred Tools by @RexodinoLP
    -Pumpking's Mod by @Pumpking
    -Bluemagic's Mod by @bluemagic123
    -GRealm by @Grox The Great
    -Elements Awoken by @ThatOneJuicyOrange_
    -Enigma by @Laugic
    -Disarray by @Cavities
    -Nightmares Unleashed by @DreamOfNightmares
    -Fernium by @Dennis Meyer
    -Antiaris by @zadum4ivii
    -Beyond the Forgotten Ages by @Hamboy39
    -Echoes of the Ancients by @Zach_
    -W1K's Mod by @W1K
    -Exodus by @M4trix
    -Cookie Mod by @Danew Dr

    The Abominationn
    He will spawn after the Goblin Invasion has been defeated.
    He sells event summons after they are defeated.

    Current Mods the Abominationn Supports
    -Thorium by @DivermanSam
    -Spirit Mod by @PhoenixBlade
    -Tremor Mod by @zadum4ivii
    -GRealm by @Grox The Great
    -Beyond the Forgotten Ages by @Hamboy39

    The LumberJack
    He will spawn if you have a Wooden Token in your inventory.
    He sells all wood types for a low price.
    -All vanilla and Fargo town NPCs can be caught in a bug net
    -Clothier sells Pharoah vanity and Angler Armor
    -Merchant sells a variety of angler quest rewards
    -Hoplites drop their armor more often
    -Clowns always drop a Bananarang
    -Merchant drops Mining Shirt and Pants
    -Nurse drops Life Crystals
    -Demolitionist drops Dynamite
    -Dryad drops Herb Bag
    -Tavernkeep drops Ale
    -Arms Dealer drops Crystal Bullets
    -Painter drops Ech Painting
    -Angler can drop Fishing accessories
    -Clothier drops Skull
    -Mechanic drops Wires
    -Wizard drops Fallen Stars
    -Tax Collector drops Gold
    -Truffle drops Mushroom Statue
    -Rotten Eggs deal 20x damage to town NPCs
    -throwing the Guide item into lava spawns WoF

    These are a few summoning items which are nearly identical to vanilla boss summons except they can be used over and over to spawn multiple bosses:
    Slimy Crown
    Eye That Could Be Seen As Suspicious
    Wormy Food
    Red Stained Spine
    A Bee In My Nation
    Some Kind of Metallic Worm
    Some Kind of Metallic Eye
    Some Kind of Metallic Skull
    Lihzahrdy Power Cell (no altar needed)
    Truffly Worm (no fishing)
    Celestially Sigil (instant summon)

    Suspicious Skull
    Summons Skeletron without killing the Clothier
    Alternatively summons the Dungeon Guardian during the day

    Fleshy Doll
    Summons the Wall of Flesh without killing the Guide
    Can just be used or thrown in lava

    Death Bringer Fairy
    Summons all vanilla pre-hardmode bosses

    Mechanical Amalgam
    Summons the 3 mechanical bosses

    Plantera's Bulb
    Summons Plantera


    Siren's Pearl
    Summons the Leviathan (only available with Calamity loaded)

    Battered Club
    Summons the Ogre


    Dragon's Egg
    Summons Betsy


    Forgotten Claw
    Summons Abyssion (only available with Thorium loaded)

    Zealot's Possession
    Summons the Lunatic Cultist
    Defeating him will not summon pillars

    Outsider's Portal
    Summons all 4 Lunar Pillars in one area

    Mutant Voodoo Doll
    Summons every vanilla boss

    Ancient Seal
    Summons all vanilla bosses plus certain modded ones.
    This item can spawn a total of 51 bosses at once at maximum potential

    Bosses from these mods will spawn if installed:
    Sacred Tools

    Swarm Summons
    OverloadSlimeCrown.png OverloadEye.png OverloadWorm.png BRAIN OverloadBee.png OverloadSkele.png
    OverloadTwins.png DESTROYER PRIME OverloadPlant.png OverloadGolem.png OverloadFish.png OverloadMoon.png

    These are crafted with an Overloader and a regular boss summon
    When used they spawn 10 of that boss at once
    They can be stacked to spawn more bosses (10 per item in the stack you use, all of them will be consumed)
    If several are used, the bosses will spawn in an invasion style

    Runaway Probe
    Summons the Martian invasion

    Mutant's Grab Bag

    May contain random summons or Mutant Vanity
    FlameQuiver.png BoneQuiver.png FrostburnQuiver.png HellfireQuiver.png JesterQuiver.png UnholyQuiver.png VenomQuiver.png IchorQuiver.png CursedQuiver.png ChlorophyteQuiver.png HolyQuiver.png LuminiteQuiver.png
    SilverPouch.png MeteorPouch.png GoldenPouch.png CrystalPouch.png IchorPouch.png CursedPouch.png ExplosivePouch.png PartyPouch.png NanoPouch.png VelocityPouch.png VenomPouch.png ChlorophytePouch.png LuminitePouch.png
    Infinite versions of all vanilla arrows and bullets

    CorruptRenewal.png CrimsonRenewal.png HallowRenewal.png MushroomRenewal.png PurityRenewal.png
    Renewals will spread a certain biome in a large radius

    Portable Sundial
    Changes the time of day

    Battle Cry
    Increases spawn rates

    Crucible of the Cosmos
    Combination of nearly every vanilla crafting station

    Lumber Jaxe
    Killing enemies with this makes them drop Wood

    Auto House
    Place to create a basic NPC house instantly


    Instantly creates a hellevator where you throw it

    Boom Shuriken
    Essentially really fast firing mini bombs

    Galactic Reformer
    Bomb that destroys a massive area, seriously

    Troll Bomb
    Use mana to throw a random explosive

    Stat Sheet

    Starts in your inventory and lists most stats

    Super Dummy
    A Target Dummy except it can be targeted by minions and homing projectiles

    The Ancient Master's Map of the Lost King's Great Ancestors
    Use to fully reveal the map

    Regal Statue
    Place to make Town NPCs spawn extremely quickly

    Additional crates that drop chest loot

    There are also thrown version of all boomerangs, yoyos, flails, and a few other weapons
    Right click them to convert between the versions
    -converting between ore
    -converting between corruption and crimson items
    -banner recipes for essentially every rare drop
    -recipes for all functional statues
    -recipes for water chest, ice chest, shadow chest, and biome chest items, and some other random things

    -Crystal Balls also function as a Demon Altar
    -Max Stacks for everything is increased to 9999
    -Halloween and Christmas seasons are always active to start, using a Goodie Bag or Present will deactivate them
    -King Slime's treasure bag has a decent chance at containing a sLime Staff
    -Wooden and Golden Crates have more drops to ensure all chest loot is not missable
    -Golden Lockbox can drop Valor
    -Hotkey that teleports you home when you have a magic mirror, ice mirror, or cell phone in inventorry (2 sec cooldown)
    -Hotkey for teleporting with Rod of discord when it's in your inventory
    -Bone Javelins and Javelins actually count as thrown projectiles

    Fargo's Soul Mod

    These accessories are combinations of several weapons/accessories
    relating to the respective soul's class.

    Souls are end game
    Essences are early hard mode
    Enchantments are varied

    Conjurist's Soul
    Occultist's Essence

    Buffs Summoner stats

    Gladiator's Soul
    Barbarian's Essence

    Buffs melee stats

    Arch Wizard's Soul
    Apprentice's Essence

    buffs mage stats

    Sharpshooter's Soul
    Sniper's Essence

    buffs ranger stats

    Olympian's Soul
    Slinger's Essence

    buffs thrower stats

    Colossus Soul
    buffs tank stats

    Supersonic Soul
    buffs maneuverability

    World Shaper Soul
    buffs to stats relating to building

    Trawler Soul
    buffs fishing related stats

    View attachment 118048
    Soul of the Universe
    Buffs to all damage types

    Enchantments (crafted from armor sets)
    CrimsonEnchant.png ShadowEnchant.png JungleEnchant.png FossilEnchant.png BeeEnchant.png NecroEnchant.png MoltenEnchant.png
    MinerEnchant.png CobaltEnchant.png PalladiumEnchant.png MythrilEnchant.png OrichalcumEnchant.png AdamantiteEnchant.png TitaniumEnchant.png
    ForbiddenEnchant.png FrostEnchant.png HallowEnchant.png SpiderEnchant.png TurtleEnchant.png ShroomiteEnchant.png SpectreEnchant.png
    ChlorophyteEnchant.png BeetleEnchant.png NebulaEnchant.png SolarEnchant.png SpookyEnchant.png StardustEnchant.png VortexEnchant.png

    Boss Weapons
    These may drop from a boss's Treasure Bag
    The Upgraded versions are crafted with an item that drops from the same boss's Swarm of 100 or more

    Masochist Mode
    A higher difficulty mode that does not rely on bloating stats. Tons of changes to all bosses, several new debuffs, and much more

    Other Random Additions

    Discord: https://discord.gg/29EbvHv
    Wiki: http://fargosmod.gamepedia.com/Fargo's_Mod_Wiki
    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=11819155

    v.0.0.1 - Only content is the Mutant NPC that will sell boss and event summons once certain requirements are met

    v.0.1.1 - Plantera's Bulb- easier way to summon plantera
    -Death Bringer Fairy- summons all pre hardmode bosses at once
    -Mechanical Amalgam- summons the 3 mech bosses at once
    -Mutant Voodoo Doll- summons every boss in the game (vanilla) at once
    -Enchanter's Soul- new end game accessory for summoners (expert only)

    v.2 -Suspicious Skull: summons Skeletron without killing the clothier
    -Runic Power Cell: summons the Golem without an altar
    -Gladiator's Soul
    -Sniper's Soul
    -Warlock's Soul
    -Death Bringer Fairy now only usable at night
    -Updated Enchanter's Soul sprite, recipe, and effects

    v.3 -Thorium support
    -Last Seal
    -updated soul recipes
    -Ninja's Soul
    -Unbreakable Soul
    -Soul of the Universe

    v.3.1 -added paladin shield effects
    -lumberjack no longer spawns for now

    v.4 -Fleshy doll: summons the wall of flesh only in the underworld
    -wall of flesh is now summoned when using multi boss summons
    -added chance not to consume to ninja and sniper souls
    -added frozen turtle shell effects to unbreakable and universe souls

    v.4.5 -Void Bow added.
    -bug fixes on several souls

    v.5 -Updated to latest mod loader
    -Added Calamity Mod mutant support
    -Added more items from Thorium
    -reduced melee speed on souls
    -added custom recipe for gladiator soul and void bow
    -added mutant mask and pants
    -fixed a bug where the mutant selled the wrong items

    v .5.5 -Added Sacred Tools support
    -Added more Calamity support
    -removed several buff icons from soul of the universe
    -temporarily removed event spawners from being sold

    v .5.6 -mutant vanity set is complete
    -nerfed soul of the universe

    v 0.6 -Lumberjack NPC (spawns with one of each basic wood type in inventory)
    -The Lumber Jaxe - sold by lumber jack (strong axe for early game)
    -soul of the universe reverted to 100% increased damage only

    v 0.6.1 -fixed lumberjack animation
    -nerfed lumber jaxe
    -added calamity bosses to the last seal
    -a few small fixes

    v 0.7 -added Calamity, Pumpking's Mod, Epicness Mod Remastered, Crystilium, and Sacred Tools bosses to Ancient Seal
    -added Pumpking's mod and Crystilium summons to the mutant's shop
    -polishing all the souls to do exactly what they're supposed to
    -removed movement speed from souls
    -increased chance not to consume thrown items on both souls
    -decreased animation speed of the Lumber Jaxe
    -added Spooky Wood to the lumberjack
    -changed the spawn conditions for the lumberjack (now you craft an item with 25 of each wood)
    -rebalanced prices
    -fixed mutant body vanity recipe
    -added more names/quotes to npcs
    -added thorium specific universe soul recipe

    v 0.7.5
    -Added a new NPC that sells event summons (spawns after Goblins)
    -Added Grab Bag. The Mutant stops selling certain summons and puts them in his grab bag after hard mode begins
    -the Mutant has custom attack animations (he goes complete ham post moon lord)
    -fixed lumberjack despawn issue
    -added some more debuff immunizations to the souls ( you can now rod of discord forever)
    -added pocket mirror to unbreakable soul recipe
    -fixed soul rarity
    -added super wood to lumberjack (from Epicness Mod)
    -Ersion, Nightmares unleashed, and Shrooms support for the Mutant
    -imk sushi support (martian event spawner is sold)

    v 0.8.1
    -renamed all souls and several are resprited (some works in progress)
    -Added Supersonic Soul
    -Added WorldShaper Soul
    -nerfed every soul, changed some recipes
    -Tremor and Water Biome support
    -tons of new quotes for the Mutant
    -fixed skeletron spawn bugs
    -added Lumberjack wood support (Ersion, Crystilium, Sacred Tools) (pending)
    -wooden token resprite

    v - v.08.1.4
    -Mutant's Shop officially fixed
    -Joost Mod and BlueMagic's mod support
    -added a chance to get the whole mutant vanity from his grab bags

    -Updated to tmodloader 0.9
    -added Trawler Soul
    -Pandoras Box is now sold by the Mutant
    -added portal animations for the void bow and made it post-moonlord
    -added thorium recipes and another attempt at thorium bools
    -made everything craftable with one world
    -Added Boom Shuriken

    v 0.8.6
    -Added Flight Mastery Soul
    -Gave the mutant a second shop
    -Mutant's Grab Bag no longer sold and has a new function
    -nerfed the Supersonic Soul to usable terms
    -squashed many bugs

    v 0.8.8
    -Added Soul of Dimensions
    -Added Barbarian's Essence
    -Added Apprentice's Essence
    -Added Sniper's Essence
    -Added Occultist's Essence
    -Added Slinger's Essence
    -you can now only equip one damage soul and one utility soul
    -changed around tons of recipes
    -added max sentries to summoning souls
    -added yoyo bag effects to melee souls
    -lowered attack speed increases
    -fixed increased mana star range
    -fixed the wooden token vanishing when removed

    v 0.9.0
    -added bool support for calamity and sacred tools
    -added mutant support for w1k's mod, grealm, and gabehaswons mod
    -added terracomp support for crafting the void bow
    -Soul of Dimensions now flies properly
    -Supersonic Soul now much slower (perhaps too slow?)
    -you can now equip as many utility souls as you want but not with the soul of dimensions
    -the mutant now sells the regular powercell
    -the lumberjack will move back in without the wooden token after his initial spawn
    -added mana flower potion use to magic souls
    -you can buy the fleshy doll with a guide voodoo doll in hand
    -you can no longer hack your way into the hardmode shop
    -fixed some materials in the wrong places and the wrong effects

    -added Troll Bomb, Instavator, Pandora's Tome, Dragon's Egg, Runaway Probe
    -added Slime Slinging Slasher, Flesh Hand, Queen's Stinger, Bone Zone
    -added throwing versions of several weapons
    -added the Crucible of the Cosmos
    -crafting station for souls -updated throwing and melee soul recipes
    -added celestial shell effects to colossus soul and soul of dimensions
    -Essences resprited -souls now have reforge costs
    -Cookie Mod support, joost, tremor, and pumpking bool support
    -added more summons from calamity and tremor
    -fixed spirit summons being sold at the wrong times
    -Yrimir has been replaced with the Abomination



    Massive thanks to

    The Legendary Spriters

    Helping with Code

    Wiki Creators

    @PhoenixBlade for the previous awesome banner.
    @homo weirdus for the current awesome banner
    @Mechantera for the name of the mod.
    @CO☼☼UP❄☜ R⚐M for the fleshy doll sprite.
    @RexodinoLP for the Yrimir sprite and the Mutant's projectiles' sprites
    @homo weirdus for void portal animation
    @DarkLordofTheSith for ideas n being alive
    @bluemagic123 for tmodloader
    And ReLogic for making this all exist​
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
  2. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I like it so far, not many mods decide to start of with an NPC, and that's a nice sprite!
  3. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    The mod v .0.0.1 is now officially on the mod browser :)

    Plans for next update:
    Plantera summon
    Better name for the mod.
    New Accessory
    Combo Accessory
  4. Yorjazo

    Yorjazo Terrarian

    I see this mod yesterday in Work-In-Progress and now are in mod browser this is crazy :v
  5. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    I mean there's only one NPC and it works so why not put it on there :p
  6. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    Next update will probably take a bit but it will include:

    Plantera Summon (ready)
    Accessory that adds a ton of minions :p(ready)
    Mech Boss summon (ready)
    All boss summon (ready)
    All prehardmode bosses summon (ready)

    All event summon
    Make clothier voodoo doll summon skeletron instantly
    Make power cell summon golem instantly
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
    Durrani19 likes this.
  7. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    NEW UPDATE v.0.1:
    -Plantera's Bulb- easier way to summon plantera
    -Death Bringer Fairy- summons all pre hardmode bosses at once
    -Mechanical Amalgam- summons the 3 mech bosses at once
    -Mutant Voodoo Doll- summons every boss in the game (vanilla) at once

    -all are sold by the Mutant when certain requirements are met

    Enchanter's Soul- new end game accessory for summoners (expert only)
    check out the recipe with any summoner related items (bee wax, summoner emblem, spider fangs, etc.)
  8. The Shifting Cultist

    The Shifting Cultist Dungeon Spirit

    hey heres a suggestion insted of making (or trieng) the clothier voodoo doll summon skeletron instantly & Make power cell summon golem instantly
    make them a crafting material of an... skeleton voodoo doll and a... runic power cell (or what ever you want to call them) that...
    A.summon skeletron instantly B.summon golem instantly
  9. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    I was considering that .. so I'll do it and I like your names :p
  10. The Shifting Cultist

    The Shifting Cultist Dungeon Spirit

    seriously doe you like them thx :p i thout they were stupid after i saw the notification
  11. Dorito123

    Dorito123 Terrarian

    How do you get the enchanters soul ??
  12. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    Give the guide some bees wax or spider fangs. Crafting recipe will be made harder next update so get it fast :p

    I should mention it's expert only
  13. Dorito123

    Dorito123 Terrarian

    thanks for the fast relpy
  14. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Would you like a banner for your mod?
  15. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    I mean yes that would be great :D
    I don't know what would go on it though xD
  16. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    I'll probably use the sprites from your main page :p Give me half an hour
    sexyshaco and Fargowilta like this.
  17. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    Haha wow thanks! I'm probably gonna update later today and update a few sprites and all that if you wanna wait :p
    Either way thanks alot !
  18. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Fargowilta likes this.
  19. Fargowilta

    Fargowilta The Destroyer

    NEW UPDATE v 0.2:

    -Suspicious Skull: summons Skeletron without killing the clothier
    -Runic Power Cell: summons the Golem without an altar @Terraria planetauri for the name

    -sold by the mutant when certain requirements are met

    -new end game accessory for melee, ranged, and magic (expert only)
    Gladiator's Soul
    Sniper's Soul
    Warlock's Soul

    -Death Bringer Fairy now only usable at night

    -Updated Enchanter's Soul sprite, recipe, and effects

    Praise @Durrani19 for all the awesome sprites of the 'souls'
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016
    SamTerarrium likes this.
  20. The Shifting Cultist

    The Shifting Cultist Dungeon Spirit

    thx m8