Other Fire Cracker is now a obtainable item, and for PC.

Should it be obtainable?

  • No, I dont think it should be in.

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  • It wont work as a functional game item.

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  • No and it should not be for PC.

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  • No but I will say yes if you only made it to hold/use the crackers. (comment which one)

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  • Yeah but change the Hold/Use part. (Commetn which one)

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I was looking at unobtainable weapons today and I looked at this 1 bomb in peticular.

Fire cracker, a bomb on mobile that was made but not implemented. I wanted to do something about this..
Alright, time to do something about this weapon!
Starting off with... if it should be on other devices other than mobile. It says it is also for mobile and I was wondering why cant it be for computer/pc? I really want to try this thing out!
Alright, time to update the fire crackers.

Damage = 10 per Fire Cracker (50 damage in total.) (ranged)
Knockback = Average Knockback
Critical chance = 4%
Tooltip = Click to drop Fire Crackers, Right-Click to hold Fire Crackers!
Sell/Price = 1 silver and 40 copper (Sell) 7 Silver (Price)

When you right click, you will hold the crackers and they will start to explode. It will take as long as a grenade and 1 piece will fall off and explode. When one fire cracker blows up, it will take 1 second for the next to blow up. Another one will fall after the one before explodes. Also, if all of the crackers have blown up, you can use the disc as a boomerang doing 11 damage. This will sell for 1 Silver.

now, how is it obtainable? During New Years and Chinese New Years from the Merchant. If you want to craft it, it will be made out of 5 rope and 5 grenades by hand. (Meaning you can craft it no matter what.) You will get 5 Fire Crackers

This is a recommended item for pre-hardmode.
Now see you later, gooooooooooodbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee!!!!
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A gold/platinum bar feels too expensive for this weapon in a crafting recipe. (Is it a weapon? It seems like it.) A rope feels like a better fit, with which to make the fuse.
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