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firework cannon

would you use this item?

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Official Terrarian
ever since i found out fireworks do damage to mobs, i wanted to to use them without having to set them up first, and so i propose the firework cannon.
- it would be at par with the snowman cannon and use either fireworks (of any color) or rockets (of any type) as ammo, effectively firing fireworks at you're foes.
- I'm not sure how the stats should be balanced, what with the base damage of fireworks, so I'm open to suggestions.
- may be sold by the party girl after plantera is defeated or as a drop of some sort, still not sure, I'm open to suggestions for this as well.
- "firework cannon" is sort of a bland name, names i might consider:
"firework launcher", "party cannon/party launcher", "celebration cannon/celebration launcher", or "festival cannon/festival launcher";
feel free to suggest a name.

that's the whole idea, thanks for reading.
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