Weapons & Equip Flying Carpet and Magic Carpet HM Upgrade


I was playing Terraria and I was making my vanity, and I wanted to have the flying carpet, because it's well a flying carpet, and then I was shocked: it didn't work as a vanity item for wings.
So my suggestion is that it should work as vanity when equipped alongside wings. An alternative or addition to this is having a hardmode variant of the Flying Carpet called Magic Carpet made with the original flying carpet, souls of light and a forbidden fragment. The Blizzards have an wings item, so I think this would compliment the Sandstorm event nicely.
I like the magic carpet idea. Perhaps, unlike the prehardmode variant, it would be able to ascend (albeit slowly), and have a much longer horizontal flight time.
I guess aesthetic wise, the closest thing you can get for HM carpet would probably be hoverboard. But yeah, an actual HM carpet would be nice.

Genie's Carpet
Mount or accessory
Can ascend for 8 seconds and float for 30 seconds before descending
Crafted at: Mythril Anvil
Djinn's curse
Magic Carpet
Forbidden Fragment

hope you like my idea, might make this an item in a mod
I also agree with this, and have suggested something like this in the past. There's a lack of hovering wings before the hoverboard, and this would help to fill the early hardmode gap.

My suggested recipe would be:
1 Magic Carpet
20 Souls of Flight
10 Ancient Cloth
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