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  1. Neku ネク

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    I've been playing Terraria for many years (almost a decade I think? I'm 25 and remember playing back in high school so I assume it's close to 10 years lol) so I'm decently knowledgeable about the game. I've been a member of the forums but never really posted anything. I guess it was more of "in case of emergency" sort of thing.

    As of now I actually do have an issue. I stopped playing Terraria around the time when Moon Lord was first released and I tried a few times to beat him with all my gears but I couldn't get him below 25k before dying. I took my hiatus there. I've recently come back to playing and I had to start over and get all my gears back, and I'd like to challenge Moon Lord again this time around... but I'm unsure of how to proceed.

    Fair warning: I solely play Mages, so if a strategy involves any sort of melee/ranged weapons I'm probably not gonna be interested. I truly believe it's possible to do as a Mage and I'd like to do it, so if anyone could help me out and look at some of my gears and stuff that'd be cool.

    (I honestly didn't know where to post asking for help with the boss so I'm including it in the introduction lol.)
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  2. Lord Garak

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    Toss on a Spectre Mask, grab a LMG, and run like hell. You should be fine.
  3. Defure

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    My suggestion is same, but razorblade typhoon. Also, if you'd like a dragon pic, I'll give you one.
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    Welcome to the forums, Neku! Nice to meet you!

    I usually make a very long railroad spanning from the far east to the far west, before fighting the Moon Lord. After that I will just ride my minecart, run trough the track, and blast it with anything I have, but preferably magic and missile weapon. Don't forget to dodge its attack.
  5. Neku ネク

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    Thank you all for the ideas.

    Okay so I'll need to build a sky bridge with a minecart and farm the Martian Event...

    But what about accessories and their refines? Should I be going for pure defense (Warding) or offense (Menacing)? All my stuff is Warding right now since I tend to use the Spectre Hood to keep myself alive.

    As for what I'm using: Charm of Myths (for regen/pots), Destroyer Emblem, Magic Cuffs (working towards Celestial but merchant won't ever sell them), Celestial Stone and Star Veil (if I'm standing still I use the Ankh Shield but I've taken to tethering myself these days). Is there anything better than these? Or should I try doing Expert Mode bosses to get the special gears from bosses?
  6. Lord Garak

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    Warding is fine since Mage suffers in that regard. Make Celestial Cuffs and replace the Star Veil with a Worm Scarf or some other stat-booster, it's not great.

    If you sit on a floating island with a water candle the event should spawn quickly, no bridge necessary.
  7. Neku ネク

    Neku ネク Terrarian

    Thanks for the tips. I'll work on all of that.