tModLoader Furite Mod (Pre-release)

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  1. Zoomspilo

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    ALPHA: This version is nowhere near final, I am using this mod with friends to test multiplayer effects (and certain other features). If you want to just mess around with it and feel like giving feedback/advice, you could post feedback on this thread. Keep in mind this is very early on, as well as my first mod, so it might not be great (especially with the sprite-work). I hope I can at least add some neat stuff to the game! Also, I will allow access to the code and resources in the unpacked mod, in case anybody wants to comment on anything that is wrong with that

    Furite Mod description:

    Furite Mod adds several new armours, a plethora of new craftable shortswords, brand new weapons (including a brand new weapon type, Warhammers), the titular ore Furite, new enemies to slay, new NPCs to join your town (or giant box towers), a host of new materials to collect or make, and more.

    This mod will only get bigger, so stick around for more content in the future!
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  2. Moon_Man

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    maybe show us what this mod has to offer?
  3. Kefke

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    Yeah...a screenshot or two would go a long way.
  4. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    i was talking sprites and stats, but screenshots'd work too
  5. Dennis Meyer

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    this seems... alright. a new mod that seems to have a chance to be something, i guess ill follow close on this project.