tModLoader Fury Forged Mod

What are some things you would like to see in pre hard mode?

  • More Ores for armor and tools etc...

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • More enemys that drop things to make tools/armors etc..

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • More Bosses

    Votes: 12 60.0%
  • Town Npcs

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • New Biome

    Votes: 11 55.0%
  • More Events

    Votes: 6 30.0%

  • Total voters


Welcome to a work in progress mod creation. I'm building a group to make a community mod for Fury, we are looking for help with everything right now, join the discord server for more information. We are right now working on Pre-Hardmode items, enemies, and bosses. We will only be releasing the mod once we have finished Hard Mod add-ons and such. We are taking suggestions on what to add (Not all Suggestions will be accepted). There are a few rules you must follow on the Discord server if you do join. We will most likely be posting updates on discord and Mod-Browser for t-mod loader. Thank you for reading :D have a great day!
Discord Invite:
So far items in the mod
HammerOftheForger.pngAqua Sword.pngFragment enemy1.gifFragment Bow.pngFragment Hammer.pngfragment pic.pngFragment.pngAqua Sword.pngFragment sword.png
Mod Icon:
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