NPCs & Enemies Gate of Flesh: Hardmode Underworld enemy.


Gates of Flesh spawn in the Underworld immediately in Hardmode, but you must leave the area and wait a tiny bit, or leave to a different chunk. They resemble tiny blobs of flesh with a big eye. They often reside on the ground.

Immobile, the Gate of Flesh will act as a sentry turret. Instead of firing lasers, they cry a massive volley of blood tear shots, a bit like the boss Monstro in the Binding of Isaac game. The many projectiles travel in an arc.

Gates of Flesh pack a good punch, and have projectiles that are hard to dodge.

Gates of Flesh rarely drop the Bloodshot Eye, which copies their attack as a magic weapon.

Lore entry: Acolytes of the Wall of Flesh live on and populate the Underworld. Watch out for the tears that they shed for their fallen master.
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