Ghostly ammunition

Damn Train

A block passing bullets.
Cannot be crafted as normal bullets, it is upgrade for endless ammo, this ammo are better (but have no knockback) than wooden arrows and musket balls but pierce two enemies and pass trough blocks.
It may be in game because solar eruption can damage thought blocks so same tier vortex fragments in craft make it balanced
Crafted with endess quier/musket pouch, 3 Vortex fragment and 30 ectoplasm
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Damn Train


I don't know about it being like an Endless Musket Pouch. I like everything else though. Would you mind if I fleshed out this idea a little more?
Making its as endless ammo will give balance and no reason to farm pillars for stupid fragments


the block piercing could also be a nice addicion to the high velocity bullets, maybe not as strong as these ones, something like just 2 or 3 blocks.

Also, very cool idea Alex. 👍


Torch God
Only noticed that now, kinda late.

I think that's a good idea, my opinion is that it could be crafted with 70 bullets and 1 ectoplasm, like most bullets, since it piercing comes with the cost of strenght.

But also the idea of upgrading the endless quiver and it bullet variant is kinda different but entirely awesome, I guess that you could mix it together to make the endless musket version of it as a upgrade, of course it wouldn't be on the "must do" things, but instead have the same feeling of the endless items when you craft it.

And i think that there should be a middle version, for the hardmode, since ectoplasm is post-golem.

Overall: I liked it

Damn Train

Amaro's idea posted higher still stands as post (one) mech boss variant. And ectoplasm drops in hardmode dungeon (or post plantera), and not post golem.
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