Glory Mod

What is Glory Mod?

Glory Mod is a Terraria tModLoader Content mod which aims to overhaul every single bossfight in the game, new texture, new name, new mechanics, but the boss will retain its general idea of boss design.,This mod is WIP.

Is the Glory Mod for me?
It depends. This mod is aimed towards masochists who are ready to fail multiple times in a row, it is supposed to be a really hard mod, and the only way around that is cheating, you can't play in normal mode while this mod is activated, your only choices are to either completely cheat, or play legit in expert mode, and earn bragging rights!

Where can i download the glory mod?
join the following discord server: Join the Terraria Glory Mod Discord Server!
in there, you will be able to find manual downloads, or you can just download the mod from the mod browser and be done with it.

except manually downloading the mod, you can also submit feedback, submit a self-made sprite for replacement, or just talk about terraria.
Join the Terraria Glory Mod Discord Server!

Be aware:
This mod was designed to be played in singleplayer, without any other content mods installed.​
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