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  1. Juanes009657

    Juanes009657 Terrarian

    Good day. I made a wave bank (and it's not based on undertale!). I decided to make something different, so i replaced Terraria's OST with God of War's.

    01. Night - Echoes of an Old Life
    02. Eerie - The Reach of Your Godhood
    03. Overworld Day - Memories of Mother
    04. Boss 1 - Magni and Modi
    05. Title - Rage of Sparta
    06. Jungle - Witch of the Woods
    07. Corruption - Bog of Lost Souls
    08. The Hallow - Ashes
    09. Underground Corruption - Exploring the Ruins
    10. Underground Hallow - Enthroned on Mount Olympus
    11. Boss 2 - Battle with Perseus
    12. Underground - A Touch of Insanity
    13. Boss 3 - Persian Army Battle 2
    14. Snow - Helheim
    15. Space - The Final Offer
    16. Crimson - Pursuing Destiny
    17. Golem - The Dragon
    18. Alternate Day - Valkyries
    19. Rain (Music) - A Giants Prayer
    20. Underground Snow - Lullaby of the Giants
    21. Desert - The Splendor of Athens
    22. Ocean - Mimir
    23. Dungeon - The Splendor of Athens
    24. Plantera - Hermes Battle
    25. Queen Bee - "Killing Poseidon"
    26. Lihzahrd - Visions of Ruin
    27. Eclipse - Main Titles
    28. Rain (Sound Effect) - Random Youtube Video (?
    29. Mushrooms - Shadow Revealed
    30. Pumpkin Moon - Peaks Pass
    31. Alternate Underground - The Ninth Realm
    32. Frost Moon - Overture (God of War 4)
    33. Underground Crimson - Exploring the Ruins
    34: Lunar Event - Rage of Sparta
    35: Pirate Invasion - The Glory of Sparta
    36: Underworld - The Way of the Gods
    37: Martian Madness - The False Prophet
    38: Moon Lord - Brothers of Blood
    39: Goblin Army - The Barbarian King Returns
    40: Sandstorm - Stone Mason
    41: Old One's Army - Madness of the Fury Queen

    Some of these were hard to choose. "The Splendor of Athens" fitted very well on different situations, so i used it twice. Also, a few are either a little bit loud, or a little bit low and that's because i wasn't able to find some soundtracks with an equal audio quality.

    I personally loved all of the choices, but i wasn't 100% convinced by the menu theme (It was a last minute choice). Rage of Sparta is awesome, but i feel it doesn't fits with Terraria's menu.
    (I'm regretting of that choice right now)

    EDIT: I forgot to mention this is my first time modifying the game and posting something.

    I want to thank my friend Endertax11 for helping me with this "mod".
    This is his Steam Profile: Steam Community :: Endertax11

    Anyways, i hope you all enjoy it.

    Dropbox - Wave Bank.xwb