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Several times now, upon Golem reaching approx. 2% health, his body clips through the wall on the right hand side, subsequently de-spawning. The head then goes ballistic (I think that part's intentional), killing me. I have fought Golem about fifteen times on this world and this has happened three times now. Attached below is a screenshot of the altar room I have been fighting him in.

Is he somehow hoiking his way out?


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It honestly seems like things are getting more stuck in walls than they used to since this last update... It hasn't been unusual for slimes to spawn in the ground, but then they usually slide over and hop out once they reach the open air. However, now they seem to stop their sliding at the edge of the terrain, and stay stuck in the ground, where I can't hit them unless I dig them up with my pickaxe first.

This also happened with my Imp summon. Recently, I sat with my back to a diagonal wall while fishing, and the Imp fell into place right behind me, into the hillside. Then next thing I knew, an enemy was bouncing around on my head attacking me, but my Imp just sat there, and sat there, and SAT THERE, INCHES away from the badguy, seeming not to even try to fire at it. Like it treated the solid ground as more solid than usual, as if the perimeter wall was a barrier preventing exit (even though it seemed to have no problem ENTERING the hillside). It only finally moved or fired when I ran forward and he kind of tethered over to me, before finally fighting the enemy.

It also seems like my Vampire Frog has a much harder time spotting enemies from partially behind solid blocks. Like the visible angle that triggers them to attack has gotten more strict than it used to be.

I'm not sure if these are related or not, but between your problem, my summon problem, and someone whose actual character got stuck in a wall... Also MINE who just got stuck a couple hours ago while I was grappling upward and placing torches, only to find myself stuck in a small pocket somehow through a single-wide hole... It just seems like hoiking is happening way more often than it used to, and often without the player's intention.

I personally don't like that. This never used to happen except when done on purpose... but now, it's happening by accident so very often, whether to the player, an enemy, or even a summon. This can be really troublesome. :dryadsad:
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