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  1. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    Due to peer pressure I hereby declare open:

    guan_dao.png fume.png axethingo_2.png ice_ZORD.png j_spear.png marb.png hammo.gif
    Death_Sickle.png very_clustery_sword.png leef.png lollipoper.png Horyzon.png Smh.png ravelord_p.png

    contest_set_1.png constest_set_2.png not_fancy_contest.png contits_2-2.png blightstone_set.gif tit_weps.png tree_set.png cryotine_wepns (2).png pink_sword.png face_terraria.png cosmorock_weps.png SoaringEnergy_stuff.png dune_stuff.png forbidden_stuff.png aquatic_fancy.png lightning_guns.png JIZZ_SET.png aquatic_armor.png armorset.png cryoteen_armor.png gel_armor.png

    sadbois.gif tree_witch.gif cannonbro.gif
    raptor.gif CHILL DINO.gif ptero.gif
    rock.png MiniTitan.png
    spaceboob.png wisps.gif
    allo.png stego_2.png rapt.png microraptor.png

    scare.png zeld_pfp.png berserk.png behelit3color.png
    guan_yu_b.png TUC.png
    hot-win-16.png TUCTREE.png completefailure.png
    1bit_monk.png whatever_tf.png vinny.png caz.png pendant.png btfa_icon.png

    While technically open to requests, forum activity will be occasional at best. I recommend finding me on modding Discords as first means of communication.
    I also retain my right to accept or not, as i see fit, any request posted here or anywhere else.
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  2. Kachow

    Kachow Terrarian

    bad sprites imo

    also make wood ok
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  3. puffepuf

    puffepuf Terrarian

    make a proper thread layout imo tbh rn, also maybe seperate old and new sprites tbh rn imo
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  4. Iggysaur

    Iggysaur Skeletron Prime

    looks nice :eek:
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  5. jesus_on_wheels

    jesus_on_wheels Terrarian

    nice meme dude
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  6. Vladimier

    Vladimier The Destroyer

    Minion approved
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  7. 55

    55 Steampunker

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  8. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    more terraria stuff
    VortexLauncher.png ParadoxPistols.png protector.gif btfa_trophs.png
    more unrelated stuff
    pendant.png vinny.png caz.png
    ravelord_p.png whatever_tf.png

    *edit: added aussie birb
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  9. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    idk.png very_clustery_sword.png leef.png Smh.png Death_Sickle.png Horyzon.png lollipoper.png idk.png random stuff that came into life from Terraria Pixel Art discord shenanigans;
    microraptor.png allo.png rapt.png stego_2.png some more dinos for btfa;
    spino_r (16).png not for btfa, this one ended up weird;
    perm.png dino boss for btfa, animating will be a pain;
    1bit_monk.png ape escape in 1 bit.
  10. Hamboy39

    Hamboy39 Spazmatism

    We are thankful for your help with BTFA. Keep up the good work! `:happy:
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  11. UriTerraGamez

    UriTerraGamez Terrarian

    Nice Mod! Cant Wait For More.
  12. Svante

    Svante The Destroyer

    I agree
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  13. DarkTiny

    DarkTiny Paladin

    I revised Chinese "闗羽"
    I wish you like it.:)
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  14. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    hey i appreciate the fix up man. i really have no chinese knowledge, but the character fascinated me since i started played dynasty warriors back in the ps2 days, so i pulled those from a few google results and had to call it there heh.
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  15. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian Eye of Cthulhu

    Finaly i found Btfa Sprites threat!:happy:
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  16. VoxelFox

    VoxelFox Terrarian

    Haha yes
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  17. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    rejoice, more recent stuffs

    night_armor.png dune_armor.png soaring_smol.png undedarmer.png BTFA essence armors
    happy_little_tree.png ass_driller.png ass_driller (2).png cherry_bombaaaa.png bomboo.png wurm.png wurmstaf.png WoodliceStaff.png BTFA tree dudes
    new_ge_weps.png fis2t.png stuff for sal's ghastly ent
    VortexSphere.png Sprite-0004.png unded4.png unded1.png unded6.png unded7.png unded2.png SoaringEnergy_SPLOOCH.png BrassPickaxe.png BrassDickaxe.png GhastlyShotbow.png duke_ice_zord.png firehammer.png verrycoolandgoodarmor.png CryoliteBar.png lil explodo.gif BulkyConcept.png duke_ice_zord.png bunch of random stuff
    tit_mask.png ar_mask.png ge_mask.png BTFA masks
    awisps.gif essence animations
    morecepterp.png contest_4c.png sets for pixcord contest
    btfa_icon.png BTFA Icon
    firelady_edit.png meme.png abes_odd.png rain.png pinacolada.png
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  18. KingNtheYoloMaster

    KingNtheYoloMaster Steampunker

    I see your really good at spriting, so I was wondering if I can have some requests.

    I need some sprites for this topic I made: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/casinod.50530/
    I'll explain some important things.

    Dealer: He wears a tuxido and a beanie, thats plaid. (Make the beanie a seperate sprite with the dealer wearing it)
    Throwing Cards: Looks like the normal cards, not trading ones.
    Wheel Of Chance + Pachinko + Claw Machine: Everyone knows these, but if you don't, search them up they are easy to find.
    Lottery Ticket: .-.
    Casino Chip: You know, the ones you use in a casino?

  19. 2grufs

    2grufs Terrarian

    could I have a crap ton of corruption themed npc sprites?
    for example:

    Attached Files:

  20. gratgaisdead

    gratgaisdead Terrarian

    sorry, i will be quite busy for some time following today, but i will be sure to hit yall up when im able to again.

    heres a consolation squid animation, original by @ScouterScout
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