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Grave Bell Mod : Win Second Chance at Life!

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Have you ever found yourself dying from fall damage just to respawn and walk all the way to your deathpoint? Sure, it was partially your fault, but it's also partially the game's fault. Worry no more because the Grave Bell is for the rescue!


You can make a grave bell item with 8 gold/platinum bars at any tombstone. This will be changed to require ecto mist(graveyard biome) in 1.4 update.
You can (de)activate the bell by right clicking on it.

Having an active bell will grant you a special ability: entering suspense after reaching 0 health.
In suspense, you can't die(will still take damage, debuff and knockback from attacks) but have massively decreased abilities.

only deal 20% of the original damage
extremely high x axis friction
wings disabled(both flying and gliding)
rocket boots disabled
fall damage negated

rope climbing, jumping, hooks, going down through a platform disabled
dashing disabled
(de)activating armor set bonus disabled
mount disabled
using health potion disabled
inventory disabled
It will last at most 10 seconds. You have to do any one of 3 below to get revived.
1. Landing the final blow to an enemy. Teammates can't kill an enemy to help another. In fact, they might steal the kill needed to revive that teammate especially when they only deal 20% damage.
2. Getting help from a teammate. The helping teammate should be not moving and not using any items and near the player in suspense to revive them. The player in suspense will emit bright red light with beeping sound to indicate that they are being revived. It takes 5 seconds to revive a player and while reviving a player in suspense will stop the suspense timer, failing to completely revive the player will reset the revive timer and the suspense timer will advance half of the time spent on reviving the player.
3. Not getting hit for the entire duration. Debuff damage is fine, but getting any hit will fail this condition even if that gets reduced to 0 by teammate's paladin shield.

Being revived this way has it's consequences. You do revived with full health but you'll also get a debuff called Mortality

This debuff reduces your effective health by increasing damage taken. It starts from 80% reduced health(+400% damage taken) and slowly decays over 30 seconds to full minute. Having more health will make this debuff decay faster(x2 at max health, x1 at 0 health)

You will also get a debuff called Sound Proof(only visible after Mortality wears off)

This debuff prevents you from getting revived from grave bell. It will last 3 minutes and 20 seconds to full 10 minutes. Like above, having more health will make this debuff wear off faster(x3 at max health, x1 at 0 health)

1.0.1 initial release
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