Texture Pack Greybrynn's overhauls

so yeah I'm working on it a bit it's not official yet because it's version 0.1.1 (yes i know it says 0.11 but its supposed to be 0.1.1) so anyways I aim to overhaul everything hugely or very small, here are the images and s team page for it.
Capture 2021-03-31 20_06_55.png
Capture 2021-03-31 20_21_44.png
Capture 2021-03-31 20_39_53.png
Capture 2021-04-03 06_49_29.png
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Version 0.5 is out yep from version 0.1.1(0.11) to 0.5 I just made a big jump of textures
Zenith is done, and forest biome is almost done and that is why it isn’t version 1.0 yet, but snow is done......
Yeah have fun I also edited the boss health bar
Should I edit the inventory?
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