Other Art Happy Chanumas from 'Timmy' The True Eye of Cthulhu and The Hallowed Mimic


Even though "Timmy", the True Eye of Cthulhu didn't win, they are still showing holiday spirit and replaced the bunny ears with reindeer antlers and is topping the holiday bush while their fellow Terraria Art Contest buddy the Hallowed Mimic [needs a name!] starts placing the ornaments. They are both winners to each other, and perhaps next year, their group will get bigger.

These two were both created by myself for the Terraria Art Contests, 2022 and 2023. I used acrylic paint, magic sculpt, resin, wood (base) polystyrene (base), tin foil (base), among many other components.
*Chanumas is it amalgamation of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Pagan as my family and friends is mixed and so we say Chanumas to celebrate everyone as a family/friend tradition.
*Timmy was named by my Minecraft friend group and it just stuck.
*This scene was made because even though they both lost, they are both winners to their mother/creator, me.


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