Mobile Heart Arrows...


Skeletron Prime
Heart arrows need to be removed. Or nerfed. They’re way to O.P. against bosses. I killed EoC first try b/c of heart arrows. I killed EoW first try b/c of heart arrows. I killed Skeletron with 12 defense first try b/c of heart arrows. It can stop ANYTHING.
Personally, Inlove the heart Arrows, but I do agree that they could use a tad bit of nerfing. Maybe the debuff could last a bit less and it just slows movement speed to a crawl?
This item will be removed in the pc 1.3 mobile port, along with a fair amount of seasonal content and Ocram.

Ye I'm really not looking forward to that. I wish they would make the Hesrt Arrows into Legacy Items and make them only available via Traveling Merchant

What will
What will the item become? A different arrow or just coins

Not sure. Slightly hoping they make them a Legacy Item, but doubt it.
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