PC Hello there. If I've already posted here, sorry. I can't even remember what I did yesterday.

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Would you say I am a valuable person even though you know minimal info about me?

  1. Everyone has value in them, including you!

  2. I agree with you, you are indeed not valuable.

  3. ridley is thanos dragon

  4. Doomguy for 5mash

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  1. Gordon Freeman!

    Gordon Freeman! Official Terrarian

    Hello there peoples personses. I don't remember if I've posted in this channel before, so if I did, big ol' big boi sorry. Anyways I am a 14-year-old waste of space that really enjoys playing games and being lazy. I also love cats quite a lot. Also, I may say a waste of space is me, but people say I'm not because I am a good person but I'm not so sure I can really agree with them. Not because I hate people and I want to kill everything that lives and I hate happiness, but because I feel like I haven't a single drop of value in me. Anyways that's basically just me at a base level. ok bye now
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    You have indeed created an Introduction Thread already:

    PC - Hello possible frienfs

    As members are permitted 1 introduction Thread, this Thread has been locked. If you desire, you may post on your original introduction Thread if you have a good amount of content to update your original introduction Thread with. If you want to change the title of the introduction thread, you can also do that by reporting your thread with what you want the title changed to.

    Also a tip, you can see what Threads you've created in the past by going to your own profile, clicking on your information tab, and then clicking "find all threads by <username here>".

    Otherwise, welcome back to the Forums. :dryadsmile:
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