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    I go to the folder (... /Documents/My Games/Terraria). There are three folders: Captures, Players, Worlds. In the first folder are my screenshots. The second is empty. The third is empty.
    In the game I have characters and worlds, but they are not in the folder. Help me find.

    Please, help. I have already lost my saveings today and can not recover them without BAK-files. I lost my house, which everyone liked. I promised to share it, when I finish it. As a result, more than 60 hours of my game went to hell.
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    Check the recycling bin in case they got put there. If not you can use windows search function to find them just type .plr or .wld since that's the extension the files have.

    You say you have them in game? Your second post says you lost them so I am a bit confused.

    Do you have any mods installed or is it vanilla Terraria?

    If you have any questions on how to use Windows file search feature let me know.

    ASHGOLDOFFICIAL Official Terrarian

    In the first message - it's a copy of the message from the Steams forum where they did not answer, I asked him there a few days ago. Today I lost the files, but then they still were. I decided to ask this question to avoid such a situation in the future, although I would like to return my old conservation.

    In the basket they are not.

    I do not use fashion.

    Files are currently being searched through a normal explorer.
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    Sorry, if you do not understand. I use Google Translate, I do not speak English well myself.

    I did not clean the basket. Especially after the loss I checked the basket.
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  4. Grumpy Squid

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    So were you able to find them using the search function? I think most likely they are just gone. We're pretty limited as to what we can do to recover them. You might be able to right click your worlds or players folder, select properties, and switch to the "Previous Versions" tab to see if Windows kept a copy.


    It's important to back up Terraria save files regularly, after each session make manual backups of the files and put them in another folder.

    So, do you still see them in game, or are they gone from in game as well?

    ASHGOLDOFFICIAL Official Terrarian

    There are no previous versions. I'm just looking for a save to make backup copies on my flash drive.
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    There are no characters or worlds in the game. In the folders, too, there is nothing. The search did not find any .prl or .wld files
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    Delete .txt to make the archive. There is a folder in it with a save.

    There is no longer any desire to play in Terraria. Created a new character and the world. The character is slow, the world is lagging, slimes are being killed, picking 2000 hours is dripping a block of dirt. Not at home. there is no progress. All for nothing. I withdraw my question, because I do not want to play this game any more. Good luck everyone. Bye.

    Oh, this character and the world appeared in the basket, but they do not.

    Previously, I wanted to play this game, but now it's only anger in my eyes if I hear the word "Terraria".

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    I'm glad you found the files in the recycling bin, I'm sorry that this error killed your desire to play Terraria. Losing a lot of progress can be terrible, I'm sorry it happened to you.
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    I have a similar problem MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS GONE! its file now reads .plr and has no backup
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    @ASHGOLDOFFICIAL in the future please edit your posts using the edit button on the bottom left rather than double posting if you are the last poster on a Thread. In this case I have merged the posts where you have double posted. Double Posting leads to spam which is why we don't allow it in general, which is why we ask that you edit your posts if you have more to add to what you've posted and no one else has posted yet.

    Sorry to hear that you cannot get your characters/worlds back. Grumpy Squid has already covered anything I would've tried myself to help with your issue.
  9. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Oh whoops I thought he did get them back from the recycling bin.

    Well, @ASHGOLDOFFICIAL if you still don't have them there's a third party utility we can try to use to recover lost data.

    When you say it's file now reads .plr what do you mean? .plr is the correct extension. Could you screenshot what you mean?
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  10. maxbriandogs

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    See the file I had for my character "Maria" is there yet it is empty, and you can notice there is a blank .plr file with no backup under it. I'm thinking the file is corrupted somehow.

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  11. Grumpy Squid

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    That is bizarre, not something I've heard of before nor can I find any previous instances of this happening... So I'm going in a little blind, I hope you'll bare with me here.

    Well, lets start with attempting to recover the file then we'll worry about how this happened. First copy this file and put it somewhere else in case we need to use it differently. Then change the name of the file in \Documents\My Games\Terraria to Maria.plr spelled exactly like it was before. Then, are you able to get access to your character?
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  12. maxbriandogs

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    So I did move the file and that didn't seem to make a difference, then I renamed the files both to Maria.plr, and again there was no change. As well while looking through the files I noticed the world my character was last on is unusable too. The world's name was Core, and it does have a file named Core.wld but has no backup. So I cannot access the world. terrraria 1.png terraira 2.png terraria 3.png
  13. Grumpy Squid

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    I've got some good news, I was able to find a thread with lots of examples of this and possible solutions which means we are no longer flying blind and the troubleshooting process has been significantly sped up.

    The first solution I want to try on my end before we get to any of the others. Could you upload your character and world file to me?
  14. maxbriandogs

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  15. Grumpy Squid

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    Okay so that didn't work, so lets go over some other options.

    1. You might be able to recover your files from the Steam Cloud if you had that turned on. For tthe random number part of the url it's going to be different for every person, but navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*RANDOM NUMBER*\105600\remote. You should see a world folder and a player folder see if this folder contains your files. If that doesn't have your files move to step 2.

    2. You might be able to right click the files, select properties, and then click the "Previous Versions" tab and select an older version of the file to see if it's current enough. If it's too old, or it doesn't have a previous version move to step 3.

    3. In the event we are unable to retrieve an uncorrupted version of the file then we can use an inventory editor on a new character file and add all the items, equipment, and stats your character had. A web based version is: http://yal.cc/r/terrasavr/ you should be able to create a new character the same as your other one using this program. If you need additional instructions on how to use it let me know. As for your world, I am unaware of workarounds to restore your world, since I couldn't find a world editor updated for 1.3.5.X. There's in game items you can give your character to help restore your base faster.

    I'm really sorry that this happened to you. So now let's go over possible ways this could have happened to prevent further corruptions.

    1. Disable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Terraria. It causes more problems than it fixes.
    2. Disable Cloud and Folder Syncing software from accessing Terraria's files.
    3. Create a Manual Backup after each play session (To do this create a new folder called backups, create subfolders with the days date, and start copying and pasting your character and world files in those sub folders).
    4. Scan your hard drive for possible hardware failures. To do this right click your C: drive and any other drives, and select properties, switch to the tools tab and under error-checking click "check now"

    We're pretty limited on what we can do for corrupted files which is a shame. Hopefully one of the steps was helpful to you. If you need me to explain anything better let me know.
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  16. maxbriandogs

    maxbriandogs Terrarian

    Thank you so so so much, I wasn't able to recover the character with the first two methods but I was able to use the website you linked. Thank you so much, you have been an amazing help. 10/10 stars, thank you so much. Have an amazing day.

    ASHGOLDOFFICIAL Official Terrarian

    Grumpy Squid, you helped me to get the world back, I do not know how, because I did not use Steam Cloud, but he was in that folder. You gave me back my desire to play. But in the folder of my character a lot of penonjatnyh files. Can I collect a character from them?
    Thank you so much, you saved my world, and it means a lot to me.

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  18. Grumpy Squid

    Grumpy Squid Plantera

    Hey, I'm glad we were able to recover your world!

    I don't understand the second part of your post. I believe though, you want someway to get your character back?

    The best way to do that would be to use an inventory editor, I couldn't find one in your native language. Here is a website you can use to create a new character with all your stuff attached. http://yal.cc/r/terrasavr/

    It's not in russian though, so if you prefer, you can let me know the details of your character and I can grab it for you. The things I would need to know are:

    1. What hair did your character have?
    2. What gender was your character?
    3. What color was each of the clothing? (Hair, Skin, Eyes, Shirt, Undershirt, Pants, Shoes)
    4. Did you character beat the WoF in expert mode?
    5. What Pet did your character have, if any?
    6. What light pet did your character have, if any?
    7. Did you character beat all mechanical bosses?
    8. What mount did your character have if any?
    9. What Grappling Hook did your character have if any?
    10. Was there anything important in your piggy bank that you wanted?
    11. What items did you have in your inventory that you wanted back?
    12. What Accessories did your character have equipped?
    13. Was anything in your Social Accessory Slots?
    14. Did you have any dyes you wanted back?
    15. How much money did you have on your character?
    16. What was in your ammo slots for your character?
    17. How much Health did your character have?
    18. How much Mana did your character have?
    19. Was your character: Softcore, Medium Core, or Hardcore.

    If you answer those questions, I'll be able to generate the character for you and give it to you.

    ASHGOLDOFFICIAL Official Terrarian

    No, I myself can make a character. I know the names of subjects in English well. In the game, I just use it. In my opinion, Russian localization leaves much to be desired. It has a poor font. Translation as if done through an antediluvian Internet translator.
    Thank you for your offer. (It is a pity only that Russia will capture the world ... ahem-hmm)
    Выпьем за прочность.
    Have a nice day.

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