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tModLoader [Help] ram problem?


Hey guys was trying to run a few mods I think around 11 mods total, overhaul being one of them, and i used 3d terraria just too see what it would look like. When I go to mods section I have the option too show how much data is being used, I closed all 32x programs in task manager, and terraria says with the mods I have 1.2gs left of data, how come when I play on my large world it will sometimes run out of data? I tried using tmodloader 64x but it doesn’t support overhaul which is what I want to play with, is it my computer that can’t handle it? I know you can’t change the data usage of a 32x program, im just confused as all. Any way to try and fix it ?


I have ssame problem, i don't have sound on tmodloader 64 bit. But on vanilla game I have ssound just likkee normal
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