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So, I'm deathly afraid that the evil biomes will frick up my entire world when I enter hardmode. So, I've dug a bunch of hellevators and tunnels to contain the biomes and protect the jungle/my base, and probably spent at least a platinum on stacks of dynamite. However, I'm still worried that, by breaking altars, a stone block turns into evil in a protected space and nullifies all my hard work. Exactly how much of a threat to the world purity does breaking altars pose, and should I actually be worried?
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Unfortunately, breaking altars does pose that risk. It's the risk vs. reward trade-off - random corruption vs. more hardmode ores. If you have explored a lot of your world (seems like you might have with the hellevators and tunnels), you may be able to catch any random corruptions early by using the world map to keep an eye on things. Similarly, if your world is highly segmented, any random corruption won't be able to spread very far.

Other options you can investigate that don't involve breaking altars:
- Fish for crates and open them to get hardmode ores
- Make a new throwaway world. Smash altars in the new world, collect the ores and bring them to your current world.
Yes that can happen, however if you want to protect your base and jungle, dig a 6 wide tunnel around your base (not hellevator, just enough to keep you confortable) and fill the sides i belive with unaffected blocks like glass for example. and for the jungle, they usually go down to the underworld so if you use dynamite to make a hellevator and do the same thing with the glass, i dont think corruption can get to the jungle that way. (and i never got a spawned corruption block in the jungle). Also you really shouldnt be scared of the corruption, if its purple, its just more powerful slimes, worms and annoying overpowered bats. And there is always the cure gun from the steampunker. Coming back to the corruption, with early to mid hardmode, you wont have a problem killing the mobs. hope i helped :)
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