Xbox Series S/X Help with WOF on For the Worthy Legendary mode

Any tips on how to beat wall of flesh on FTW? Using Nights Edge/Molten armor, all accessories to menacing/lucky. Using buffs, heart lanterns, honey, etc. The imps & their fireballs are too over-powering. I tried this set up below but the darts weren't stopping the imps from firing as they do in the video.

Use the timer to automatically activate dart traps, and if you already use it, try lowering to cooldown time to ¼ timer. And also, I recommended you to also use a obsidian skin potion too, because there is a point where you almost kill WoF but dies from being set on fire by burning sphere. And also don't forget to farm its banners
the video's strat does in fact work, you just need to have the dart traps not fire at the same time. The video uses 2 dart traps per area they need to shoot in, but by actuating the dart traps you can put more in (just make sure that no 2 traps in the same area are wired to the same timer). 4 or so per area makes stunlocking the imps easy. How it works is that getting hit resets the imp's attack, so if the traps hit frequently enough they will never attack.

Another way to make the imps more managable is adding fire imp banners to your arena. You can easily farm the banners with an imp statue.
Dude i wish i watched this video before, i must've died like 50 times fighting on just a straight platform until i beat him
Also, the guy who made that video made an even better one (that uses wiring and explosives, and kills the boss in under 15 seconds while being even safer). It's a pretty cool strat
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