Hi i nead help

Discussion in 'Mobile General Talk' started by DiamondCreep, May 26, 2016.

  1. DiamondCreep

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    hey guys! Am having some issues with my terraria in my ipad, wen i joined today i was gonna play but it says
    The save file DiamondCreep-1453759319.was created with a newer version of terraria and could not be loaded, my character doesnt appear and wen i clikc it to join a world it ill crash me.
    So i was wondering if u guys could help me image.png
  2. TerraNova Gaming

    TerraNova Gaming Official Terrarian

    Only thing you can do is Clear Terraria Data and start over.
  3. DiamondCreep

    DiamondCreep Terrarian

    I have the fish wings terra blade almost 600 life i have alot of inportant stuff
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    Ill do it
  4. TerraNova Gaming

    TerraNova Gaming Official Terrarian

    I feel your pain bro.
  5. ps3wolvrine14

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    I've had that issue. It's something with the game closing out during a save. They need to have a backup of every save like PC's player.bak and world.bak.

    Better explanation: game crashes or forced closed during a save causes the data to get messed up. My solution (tho im on android) is the cloud saves. If you get a broken cloud file like your player save, (google drive) has a feature that if done soon enough can revive a slightly older version. Sometimes you'll loose a day or so irl tho.