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Hi there!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dhruvbzw, Mar 27, 2019.


Large or medium?

  1. Large

  2. Medium

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  1. dhruvbzw

    dhruvbzw Terrarian

    hi everyone!New town boi here! i used to play this game in my friend's laptop and now here i am after buying my own copy! Also, i played medium world on my bro's laptop so should i start a large one?
  2. Defure

    Defure Golem

    Welcome dhruvbzw! I personally like to play large worlds, but I'd say you should choose medium. And as I do with welcomes I'm going to offer you a dragon.
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  3. dhruvbzw

    dhruvbzw Terrarian

    thanks man appreciate the dragon
  4. Defure

    Defure Golem

    Here's the dragon.
  5. FuzzyPanda629

    FuzzyPanda629 Terrarian

    Large offers more than the other sizes with advantages such as:
    More Shadow Orbs and crimson hearts
    More Floating island
    More Demon/Crimson alters
    More Jungle shrines
    More underground Cabins
    Larger Crimson/Corruption
    Larger Underworld (For wall of flesh)
    Bigger oceans (For Duke fishtron)
  6. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    I usually play on medium worlds, as they offer a good compromise between small and large. Large worlds do however have the most items scattered around, but they can take a long time to fully explore, and containing the Corruption/Crimson is more difficult.
  7. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Eye of Cthulhu

    Hello, dhruvbzw! Welcome to the forums! Sorry for being late.

    Anyway, if myself, I prefer the large one. Because there are many places to explore and many spaces for buildings.