Texture Pack High Definition version of all textures up to Terraria

I know this doesn't pertain to this post, but it has the most to do with textures so i was wondering any anyone knew of a tmodloader mod that changed textures, i remember once the game looked super nice and cool at one point but when i went back to manage my mods better the cool looking (retextured blocks and everything) went away. So if anyone has any ideas of any mods that retexture blocks and others in tmodloader. Gimme a shout.
These textures work fine with tModLoader, just place the files in the content folder *after* installing tModLoader into your Terraria folder.


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I sure will. Actually i started playing Terraria again a few weeks ago because i got too excited about a new similar game called "it lurks below" (but sadly that's only in closed beta state now).
How come you didn't use my texture pack when you created the screenshot for your signature? :D
"It lurks below" has reached early access on steam! :)
Hey psmith! Very cool textures you have created here. I would like to know how you made them. Is there somesort of a converter, or did you do them by hand?
Would really like to know, thanks in advance :D!
I am having problems launching terraria with the textures.
Skjermbilde (108).png
I am having problems launching terraria with the textures.View attachment 237138
It looks like you have missing textures. Rechecking game files with steam might help.
Note that my texture pack does not contain an enhanced version of all textures, so if you want to use my texture pack then DO NOT delete the Images folder! Just unzip my texture pack by overwriting the existing textures in the Images folder.
Hey man, so now that the forums are back, when can we expect an update to the pack? Can't wait to see the new textures with this pack!
How do i install it? i tried putting it into the ResourcePacks folder where it directs you in the ingame texture packs option but it doesnt show up in the list, am i doing something wrong?
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