Hotkey for recall items (magic mirror, etc.)

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics' started by WeavShow, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. WeavShow

    WeavShow Terrarian

    Yes, I can stick those items in my hotbar, but I can't count the number of times I've hit "9" instead of "0" and watched in horror as my hardcore character happily places a single block of wood instead of teleporting away and is promptly murdered to death.

    It makes me so sad :(
  2. WeavShow

    WeavShow Terrarian

    And now I see this is an existing suggestion. Time to see if I can figure out how to delete a thread.
  3. Enjl

    Enjl Cultist

    I keep mine on 7, it's easier to reach. You could also use 1-3 for super-easy access. 0 is asking for death.
  4. WeavShow

    WeavShow Terrarian

    Yeah, I guess. Accidentally teleporting home halfway through a journey is only the second worst thing (behind accidentally NOT teleporting home), so I suppose I should probably do that.

    Still. A hotkey would be even better.