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PC How Do I Fix My Campfires Turning Pink Every 2 Seconds?

Toilet Fire

I've been trying to add in the old campfire sprite and I've gotten as far as getting it to load ingame but once its placed it turns pink every 2 seconds.

Campfire 2.PNG
How do I fix this?

Toilet Fire

check the sprite itself maybe

I don't know much about spriting and texture packs, so If there's something wrong with the sprite file I have no clue about how to find and fix it. But I've been looking up what causes this and apparently its because of a missing texture so I downloaded the campfire file from another source hoping it wouldn't be missing a texture but it did the same pink thing which makes me think there's something else wrong.[/QUOTE]
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Tiles_215 is original file i upload. one campfire type: 8 step for animation. i dont think it have 'Glow' relative file.
or can you upload texture pack file let me see?

Toilet Fire

Here's the file I used, it does a few "fiery" animations before blinking pink



yes. see
1: you file animation: have 4 step you can design +4 step next to fix pink for 'empty' 2 seconds.

2: original file in game: have 8 step.


I don't know the first thing about making textures, do you know anywhere I might be able to find an already working file for the campfire?
It's pretty simple, there is 4 frames of animation in the old Sprite
and 8 frames of animation and 1 off frame and 14 Variants of the camp fire. in the newer tile.

You pretty much just have to double the Frames, setting up the frames like 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 to have it animate like the old
and make the off frame, for the first row of campfires.

Just like this:

The reason it is Pink is because the Frames it is looking for isn't there.

as frame 5-8 and 9, nor is any frames for the 13 other variants... doesn't exist...
(and why the old file would not load if in a texturepack, because the pixel dimensions isn't identical and thous would not be accepted.)

But there is more!

Notice that there still is a fire despite the campfire is a pink block, and the fire look different then the original?
that is because is a additional file associated with the Campfire tile (Flame_15)
However the old campfire tile didn't have a flame effect
Also: holding Ctrl will highlight a Interactable Tiles outline. (which located in: Images\Misc\TileOutlines\Tiles_215 )

That probably Sounds like a'lot...

So instead i made it into a Texturepack and attached it below and left the files as .png's so you can have a look and compare, have fun!


  • Old Campfire.zip
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