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How to beat Skeletron Prime with only molten armor and palladium repeater (VIDEO)


I beat Skeletron Prime with Molten Armor and Palladium Repeater
this is a video that i made on how to beat skeletron prime with your molten armor and palladium(cobalt for alternative) repeater.
i found this video useful for people that can't seems to find enough material to make decent armor to fight mech bosses.
Feel proud of myself cause yrimir wear adamantite armor and megashark when he fight skeletron prime on his video. But he still the best! no doubt about it. xD ( sorry that i compare myself to him )
sorry for the bad quality video, i'm still learning at making video, so i am sorry that you cant really see the item i use, so i make a list of it

Weapon : Palladium Repeater ( Hurtfull Buff )
Armor : Molten Armor Set
- Bee Wings (Hasty)
- Avenger Emblem (Guarding) [i know we have to beat 3 mech boss to get avenger emblem, but ranger emblem will do the same]
- Sweetheart Neckale (Armored)
- Spectre Boots (Jagged)
- Obsidian Shield

i know some of you probably can kill skeletron prime with wooden armor and wooden bow xD, but i made this video for those who can't beat skeletron~
I post this on a facebook group and i doesn't enough repect from the group so i decided to post it here
hope everyone enjoy it :D



Official Terrarian
I remember myself fighting Skeletron Prime with a bare Titanium Repeater and a bare Palladium or Orichalcum set. It's possible, but it requires a good arena, some dodging skills and accuracy. You must hit the head as much as possible. There's no time for the arms with a weapon like this.

Still, the Ichor debuff performs great against him.
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