PC How To Find The Martian Probe - Plus Martian Saucer Arena


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How To Find The Martian Probe
+ How To Defeat The Martian Saucer
Finding the Martian Probe can be a big pain in the back, as so I have experienced myself. I practically was searching for hours on end until I could find one. As to lower the amount of people screaming in their heads frustrated everyday (such as myself) I have decided to make a guide on how to easily find and locate a Martian Probe.

The Steps:

1. Gather the following items:

-500 Dirt Blocks/Rope
-50-200 Wooden Platforms
-Rare Lifeform Analyzer (Optional, Very Effective)

-Water Candle (Optional, Effective)
-Battle Potion (Optional, Effective)
-Depth Meter (Optional, Helpful)

2. Go to either the East or West of your world. Stop until you reach the end boundaries.

3. Start building upwards near the Ocean. Stop until you hear a change in Music and/or the background fading to a deeper black. Remember to make platforms along your way up so you can come back again later.

4. Make a skybridge at least 50-100 blocks wide. Place your water candle down and/or drink you battle potion.

5. Keep an eye on your Lifeform Analyzer and wait. I suggest you should watch some Youtube on another device to pass the time. :)

It took me about 2 minutes with the Water Candle for a Martian Probe to appear for me. It may vary for you.


Now below here is a simple Martian Saucer arena design. It worked countless times for me without any flaw at all.


(Please refer to the spoiler image above)
The arena design I came up with is not much of an arena, more of a way to easily wreck the martian saucer without any difficulty. It works for both the first stage and the second stage superbly. This arena is designed to be used with a yoyo. The Eye of Cthulhu yoyo is a great combination with this.



to kill the martian saucers i easily use a room like 6 blocks high and 16 long with a hole in the roof no i take my jojo (i take the eye of cthulhu) and kill the martian saucer easy. to improve your damage you can take a minion ;-)
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