How to setup a tShock server.


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tShock Server setup!
Click here for the download.
Alrighty, first of download the latest tShock released update for Terraria.
Then go to your files and click on downloads, then find the file you downloaded of the tShock website.
Extract it, doesn't matter where you extract, just extract.
You should then see TerrariaServer.exe.
Click on that, choose your world you want to setup the tShock server on and set it up.
It will ask you for how many players you want etc...

To get others to join your server from around the world, find your IP address. You can find that HERE.
Give that to them, and then they'll have to insert that into join via IP.

If they say they're having problems joining, you probably need to port forward. If you want to find out how
Hope this Guide helps.
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