Soo, do you like it? Also, what can I improve on?

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  3. I HATE IT.

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  4. Nothing to be worked on.

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  5. Shading

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  6. Design

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  7. Color palettes

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  8. Some other thing I didn’t think of.

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  9. It all needs work.

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  10. By choosing this option you officially pledge your life to almighty Borf.

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  1. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Hey everyone! Here I will post my sprites that I make and I will also accept requests!

    When requesting things to be made, try to do things like items, weapons, blocks, and simple enemies, nothing like bosses or large enemies, since I’m still practicing those. I will try my hardest to get you the sprite you want, and I will try to get them done as fast as possible (you know with school and stuff.) Feel free to do whatever you want with sprites that I make you, just give me credit.

    Anyways though, enjoy the sprites!

    Currently my sprites are very bad. I am working on getting better now and I will renovate this thread once I am better at it.

    (Scroll down for even more sprites! Sprites get newer as you go down. A lot of the ones in this post are old and bad. Also, sprites are labeled at the bottom of the spoilers.)
    D8C3AEC7-2572-4F40-8C8E-CFB39DA500D2.png E4A01426-9EB4-48DA-A8A5-9991B529081D.png 3A2BEB94-BFB9-43FD-BDCF-102774D9304A.png D7ED278F-2159-433E-8751-A19503AD5C8A.png
    363A635E-D9E8-449F-AABF-96E1B01FDAD5.png C589C77B-2A8C-4366-9953-EBA6810C01F7.png C5189F94-1F31-4256-8C59-C19F937CDA8F.png A7FF7B55-AFA3-42C3-8852-24754261D491.png 9808F058-1EC9-413C-8520-FE2B8A4D5A7D.png 67E9BBFA-EE5F-4C31-93E7-33BDC6D6A7FA.png <-(This one made me sad.) DD33CF22-B2F1-4072-A41D-3D8D87D9F6BF.png F11F6D8D-B347-4763-B8D2-27DFD5EB22AA.png 84E10E27-1FE6-4CC7-BAE8-7FD42B902065.png

    Giant Blue Slime, Giant Green Slime, Giant Orange Slime, Duke Fishtron (phase 1), Duke Fishtron (phase 2, old and bad), Crystal Clasper, Spectral Guardian, Mech Lepus, Mech Thing, Sleyem Lord (very bad), Molecular Pillar, Sharktron, Borfsy.

    2D4B1BEF-D971-43BF-9D00-E8CAE58AA09B.png C3AC3D18-378B-4678-B16E-150998F40FD5.png 0F5BEFC8-6B08-4057-A6F5-235EC599CDB1.png 8D9FA46E-C84F-4D99-A9C0-64CF33FC19DD.png 2F965045-F643-4E9E-B156-305119FC6EC6.gif 97C71398-5826-41D9-844E-11935DD1CE19.gif 88333123-B746-4CED-AA4B-797AE23B1EFE.png 7965C015-CA20-4589-B972-9614B2E60127.png C611095E-7653-4CC1-8FD2-9C8E477A1934.png 5FCB7C74-E768-4695-B17C-1A4F2857E0B6.png FFCD245E-EEF4-409F-96D2-6577D1737185.png E2114D58-39F2-459B-A508-9CC5A339E8FA.png FFE46450-0B89-414F-9933-1DA68AB873C7.png 72F1187F-CFE5-4FF8-829D-7AE912372101.png 76D54AEF-D557-4570-B4F3-3BA44C95E612.png 3209A05A-AFAC-4127-BAFB-B5239042AE9C.png 82FD4D32-A7C4-468B-A2E0-72D813A65EC0.png 55CEA3CB-31FB-43DF-B51F-47A96F43D931.png 27636A1D-B537-40A5-BF0D-F6FCE37D5307.png BACBD3AB-55C4-4CEF-A607-931D6CC38EBB.png 5E66537E-4D12-4559-A567-140BF083A6C2.png -(Original by @Melty) 83909A3F-9069-4634-BFA8-686B1920D611.png CD11C355-41F3-4396-972A-A97E1B9F3643.png 3A1B839B-4AC8-4954-A423-0D1659DC5DB0.png Solar Slapper.png 32590128-00B9-4130-8421-788E8D9E032A.png 4F448BFD-92AB-466A-8F75-CBB9CCD6BC8F.png 6F89DC73-18F8-4C0E-8F58-E0F3E137436C.gif 64BAC169-FBC3-415E-A1E0-13FC46291A17.png E071C725-287C-4705-9E6A-CCEA8EEA7069.png 338631AC-03C9-403F-8E67-543AA63B278C.png 927940BF-AB2E-4472-B913-F2C1D8219DC7.png Discordian Portal Staff.png CandyCaneBow.png Spearmint.png Peppermint.png Rod Upgrade.png 680B65E8-671E-4458-9572-CC0A3B4F5C8E.png EEBF514F-9ED4-422D-9A09-B4B92D023444.png D782F0C6-7CE6-41A1-A516-BD9E924F5633.png 6AA220C3-4060-445B-987C-BEF8A0911B56.png DC493D90-74FF-4401-AB3A-5A5F0B7778D7.png 9C17C3BF-26DA-4EC6-A257-7F2976644DB7.png 14DE17C7-E615-4E8C-926A-493717CB9D66.png 6FEE9A4F-BFC2-4276-9D76-B418063CD0BF.png 43B2D44E-ACC2-465C-B7C2-4E9277ADEB19.png AD5B4A0D-7E14-4A45-8CFE-60376620B6AF.png The Grail.png Mechanical Bone GLove.png Diamond Pickaxe.png 73D08FA2-20A4-4D51-B477-06FE51B008BC.png A86053B8-BEF8-45FB-A633-0BFEB6588300.png 7D83D947-6F19-4A7E-AE63-2296DB6F4013.png 80DE4480-6B6B-4E84-8A3A-F9F112CE1AFC.png 75D74864-AF43-4196-9BD1-DAD6EDEB957B.png 38B7E4B6-34AE-41E5-A15B-64F07D7B62C7.png D6C9B259-CCAE-472E-A34C-2D8C6CB2AC4C.png E4FB9827-12D9-43D8-AC9A-9EA2B9B74BB9.png Tim's Wrath.png Runic Inscription.png 57A5AC71-5DE4-4D0D-8DE5-CECB5567C03D.png

    Galactica Blazer, True Arkhalis, True Breaker Blade, True Horseman's Blade, ROYGBIV, Spectrum, Thing Flinger, Void Arrow, Void Bullet, Black Hole Scepter, Contained Singularity, Event Horizon, Implosion Bomb, Implosion Dynamite, Implosion Grenade, Nova's Edge, Quasar Shot, Sagittarius, Sputnik MKII, Zodiac, Slime Launcher, Dinnerstorm, The Drumstick, Blood Shuriken, Frostbound Slicer, Solar Slapper, Lihzard Puncher, Lihzard Puncher (punching), Prismatic Nebulaser, Ocean Sword, Bee Saber, Devil's Diary, Boulder Staff, Discordian Portal Staff, Candy Cane Bow, Spearmint, Peppermint, RoD Upgrade, Cursed Scythe, Luminite Lyre, Portal Gun Upgrade, Slime Neutralizer, Frostthrower, Molten Fury Resprite, Ultraviolet Ray Gun, Aurora Borealis, Bloodlust Daggers, Blades of Suffering, The Grail, Mech Boone Glove, Diamond Pickaxe (with Terraria diamonds), Star Burst, Flying Fish Staff, Cosmilite SDMG, Sharkron Bomb, Scimitar Upgrade, Martian Saucer Cannon, Hellstorm Greatbow, The Cane, Tim's Wrath, Runic Inscription, Wishbow.

    0B8AEB4B-21A0-48C5-B22B-2336F09D1D6B.gif 7C1B3C57-055E-4EC1-AC11-2F25084964C6.png BC5A9780-5CA2-4BD7-AC99-5210338C4E6B.png 287B2769-0F07-417A-8CCC-508D78849D6B.png BA85154B-2549-4DA6-BB24-7C5E0166234F.png A91C6EAC-D89E-41E9-8CA3-E15223156DBA.png 0B13F211-60D7-4326-AF91-57766D8D6706.png 76CDF7BF-3E16-4DEA-B25B-94F1D87DA38C.png A6A9B9D8-6F2D-4027-BEAF-96B3584ACA16.png 2EFC99F8-D9AC-4D2E-859E-87BDABC889F1.png 27F59758-67BD-49BB-A699-A3E06035906A.png Giant Egg.png Discount Potion.png 45F686AC-0516-45F5-B538-41DC09EFC208.png 67AC4F22-00D2-4083-BC63-1F04E39FB837.png 53E8AB6A-ACE5-4495-A44A-1FF97DCC7248.png CA7D5C45-E1DF-464F-9DEB-E2BF9DDD08CD.png 44443BFE-A3CA-44C9-B20C-704D2C7EC02E.png 80FE0B10-EA9F-4E4D-B800-DF13FF316267.png C79A2D8F-AD06-405B-9287-F099E5A744F1.png 9D22D1E6-BDD8-40CD-80BB-F1FD9EDB2784.png

    Soul of Smite, Cosmic Chrysalis, Antimatter, Space Dust, Lepus Treasure Bag, Void Monarch Treasure Bag, Pandemic Lord Treasure Bag, Solar Sigil, Vortex Sigil, Nebula Sigil, Stardust Sigil, Giant Egg, Gold Potion, Molecular Sigil, Molecular Fragment, Slime Dropper, Permafrost, Dormant Eternity Stone, Cosmic Bacon, Frozen Turtle Shell, Holy Shard.

    5DCB00FC-C898-4105-9FFC-456844031472.gif 42B4CFED-E91D-4405-B398-1D9EDDA1E3DD.png 65F8D980-CFB9-407E-914C-5924A889E43E.png 4674A645-67EB-426D-9EE4-F656D76F7E97.png 6DBEAA32-B348-4303-87F9-A80FCB28E09B.png 5B5D7008-1AE0-48ED-8592-709E617FFD6D.png C6A21856-EA60-404A-9100-94ACA4D06105.png AD80F50C-8CE2-43F6-99C8-C7C46DEFD69B.png SolarPillarMask.png VortexPillarMask.png NebulaPillarMask.png StardustPillarMask.png AB2F26B3-E826-41E0-93B8-4F7635E7C624.png 792D23E6-D08D-4F98-BF94-E6E676F1F9F8.png C68A0A1A-7FD1-4CDE-99C1-64FB87DD7693.png Ninja Emblem.png Braniac Emblem.png 868D504F-58BE-403E-A7A8-0B8E5CFE4029.png D7F91368-426F-4018-9D53-FC420868A899.png CC3B820E-C62B-48EB-8018-A2407FD6E325.png B79C8A23-316A-445A-8ECD-1A3DE9B33EA2.png 9D2FF4A9-8B04-451E-A4EC-C35299446EFF.png 5DB5A34E-18AD-415B-A7A9-1446075BA1BC.png DCB11A59-C32A-4AF5-B087-BDFABAC6C84B.png CEADA8F3-B5CF-4FA3-A978-65B85D89231F.png 6753BD50-1EDE-4D69-9B4E-A3091A58ABD4.png 062CB5EF-3F4D-4421-B454-AC3508BC1EC7.png 8B641505-8891-404A-9BF6-F4AAEE87AB3D.png 36751984-09F8-4C63-B7D0-FFC797AA2E52.png 1430D0AF-195E-401B-8248-AFB3FD62CE13.png B412B9C7-29A2-4893-BBA0-162152FF8442.png 758B0DE0-E3CC-4F90-9A0F-62B35C133762.png F7E2F0F2-2F6F-462C-B5D5-4F47E2AB9603.png 5DE63359-BC3A-4288-B4F9-4C567F8FA840.png F70F86FB-4C93-47F5-8412-199B70E7471C.png A50CAC5D-46FE-4621-A774-BDEFA125D47A.png 8EB0DA23-0A39-41CD-9780-A0B67C1E331B.png B4B8FA42-5C34-404F-9772-0ABFD374281B.png 5B48B1B6-6265-49EA-8CCE-AB7874E7DD38.png Eternity Gauntlet.png 5755FBF6-2539-4D58-85CD-741CD7BB0344.png

    Damage Capacitor (old), Desolate Helmet, Desolate Plate Mail, Desolate Greaves, Desolate Armor, Orion's Belt, Void Wings, Void Monarch Mask, Solar Pillar Mask, Vortex Pillar Mask, Nebula Pillar mask, Stardust Pillar Mask, Ankh Shell, Turkor Mask, Lepus Mask, Thrower Emblem, Brainiac Emblem, Phantom Wings, Huzbubber's Flying Turtle, Hallowed Boots of Ostara, Magic Quiver Resprite, Paw Necklace Base, Gold Paw Necklace, Platinum Paw Necklace, Spare Leash, Glow Juice, Companion Charm, Corrupt Leaf Wings, Crimson Leaf Wings, Clinger Lung, Sticker Sac, Hallowed Leaf Wings, Stone of Light, Stone of Darkness, Stone of Levitation, Stone of Omniscience, Stone of Strength, Stone of Horror, Stone of Destruction, Eternity Gauntlet, Pink Royal Gel.

    275BF8F3-009D-43A9-9A51-04DDA71C9306.gif CE6BE317-E78D-4AEA-9A1B-8783A38761DE.png 84A8A9A5-4B39-4212-ADAC-E5B19A3F2A1B.png A7208C5A-D2BC-42EE-8808-00C6F611D1E1.png 74768757-EBFB-4CEF-AE58-1C19A487512C.png F0C333FD-628C-49DD-BE59-B188176551EC.png 44B2922B-4A6F-4DD4-A0BB-A9AEA3B41AD7.png 9471CF95-AC8A-40EA-B2A8-55B165FB74D8.png 8B789728-67AF-4703-B983-BB4D20784B12.png 459C2A88-E432-4FCB-99D6-3DF493D542BF.png 0376DE83-A944-4A82-98D5-63A2A0F57896.png CCA6C6A9-D12F-456F-A629-2DE415B276B5.png 6A5194EC-C67C-45DB-81CE-C2D31F78022C.png 74728B30-8E2B-414B-A028-D4806890EBCE.png Outlet.png C786BFE5-98E0-49E9-AB11-70C13C4162DA.png 852FD249-84D9-427B-B5AC-FF9C72D957C2.png FA7E1E70-ACBD-4531-8400-64459467121D.png 8A0708AA-BBD8-4A43-9F30-5A22E94CFD7A.png CthuhluItem.png CthuhluPlaced.png

    Iridium Ore, Solar Pillar Trophy, Vortex Pillar Trophy, Nebula Pillar Trophy, Sand Generator, Slimestone, Stardust Pillar Trophy, Void Monarch Trophy, Turkor Trophy, Iridia Trophy, Beam Trap, Hull Plating, Laser Trap, Starcraft Booster, Outlet, Mothron Trophy, Slime, Dungeon Guardian Trophy, Lepus Trophy, Cthulhu Painting (item), Cthulhu Painting.

    77379B99-52BD-44B8-B7B4-0C7087089E99.png OstritchMount.png OstritchMountRiding.png

    Toy car, Ostrich Mount, Ostrich Mount (riding).

    CC91D1FF-FF37-4B15-9F2B-B6974D33B321.png Aurora Borealis Projectile.gif 5685FE9B-6522-413C-900D-27D4F35053CB.png B7A098A9-F8D9-4BDC-8A5A-AB4D6AC3D460.png Galactica Star Small.png B708A508-5F90-454A-8573-E562275EC8E1.png 7B6C5741-8267-4DF3-BEF8-1B1F0AC0BDBE.png 2EE52405-3290-4EB7-B8E6-5A8A3DA72201.png

    Crystallized Debuff, Aurora Borealis Projectile, Trigger Finger Buff, Galactica Starr (large), Galactica Star (small), Mechnado (spritesheet), Energy Bubble (spritesheet), Strange Feces.

    545EE747-7E47-4B59-BB10-2EF75DED7F06.png 9AB5EB29-EC50-42EE-89D4-BA6462AAB90E.png B6A2D668-FBDB-4C5B-B26B-F6CA5763E720.png 1EF36D52-F0E8-4440-A982-BBB22F63E58F.png 8AA7206A-0545-4942-AEF8-135972C843A3.png 16522CCC-E5F3-49A7-821F-05FFCF587CBD.png 684B483A-2623-45F0-8135-77051EA40C11.png 63FE3FCC-F651-4CEE-80A4-0F935CC7622C.png B9D6283A-DFCA-4BD6-863E-1797719CE5AD.png Brimstone Elemental Trophy.png Supreme Calamitas Trophy.png 579EC042-E314-4277-A69B-CFC5B8E6F13F.png D45DBD02-D12A-4A8D-AA68-62053F165CE6.png F4EA073B-E12A-480E-A564-20F36C5EB94B.png 0755EAEF-C45E-4424-9F73-76C7BE2E9A70.png CD6C64F9-280D-4268-A455-3CAE690E849B.png 64FBA253-614F-43D3-AFB3-2BBFD2FB2634.png 9E3B4576-8A9B-401F-9BE6-2DBDC3564700.png Mauler Trophy.png Reaper Shark Trophy.png E5A43FDD-A3DA-4FDB-8D6B-3CD8EC06C44E.png

    Astrageldon Slime Trophy, Astrum Deus Trophy, Bumblebirb Trophy, Cnidrion Trophy, Plaguebringer Trophy, Polterghast Trophy, Profaned Guardian Trophy, Ravager Trophy, THE LORDE Trophy, Brimstone Elemental Trophy, Supreme Calamitas Trophy, Supreme Catastrophe Trophy, Supreme Cataclysm Trophy, Eidolon Worm Trophy, Earth Elemental Trophy, Colossal Squid Trophy, Siren Trophy, Aquatic Scourge Trophy, Mauler Trophy, Reaper Shark Trophy, Cloud Elemental Trophy.
    DD4A4219-7B56-4559-88F0-A14112C3E447.png 947416BB-3A21-4E4F-85F0-7BB34A5022DF.png 828183DB-A22F-442E-976E-7545CE7F3DD5.png 87DE2F89-1BE2-495E-A40D-3260329D764C.png Micro Computer Treasure Bag.png 4EA0470F-0289-4012-B16F-D043F8C2D149.png A180C428-9E54-42E0-81CA-E7E0D17809B1.png 896471F0-7A03-4C27-AD03-CA36FB418152.png 6CB74851-B956-4EA5-91B8-D77A56D0D8E5.png A96702E3-20B5-4AC7-B47D-F69F9AD02B4A.png AC9EA5D4-D83C-4863-83E1-4D867BCB1D6D.png B9CB469E-DD14-48E2-8634-905685FF5A4C.png 33E2F1EA-508B-4971-9A95-2F548FA8EDD4.png 67F86D46-05BD-424E-826B-9727CC619ADB.png 2B61331D-6947-422E-A0D0-1E4878F56FF2.png 63B08050-4476-4B16-B7AD-3949F856B712.png AEA9FA3E-4CF7-4025-9697-31E9D6C104B2.png 61A13055-5FB1-43CB-8F32-90FA387C898D.png 515B86D7-9485-47AE-9F0E-BE4537E80CCE.png B7558F8E-F602-49BC-A2CA-6E6344D2639C.png 5D9D39C9-6939-447A-9DB5-7D2DB47C2A1D.png

    Fallout Sword, Fallout Gun, Anthem Painting (item), Anthem Painting, Micro Computer Treasure Bag, Micro Computer Mask, Raw Glass, Micro Computer Trophy, Poseidon's Trident, Mystery Box, Anthem Bag, Glass Sword, Glass Pickaxe, Glass Axe, Glass Bow, Glass Hammer, Glass Helmet, Glass Chestplate, Glass Boots, Nimbus Blade, Nimbus Pickaxe.

    7CBEE539-EEAA-4F5E-B577-71947B126D7B.png For @Th3K1ll3rOfSk3l3tron (Megalodon Trophy)

    5DC50341-DEE8-4F33-89D1-87FB1DCB03E3.png For @SkeletalDestroyr (True Bone Sword)

    7C17A70F-E0DB-4FB6-90BC-B0AA23DCEB07.png For @sneezingdog480 (Bark Blade)

    3D198FE0-99FA-4642-B01C-90DE6AC8FFB6.png 5C9C7A67-A1BD-4A07-A8D2-633E4F804298.png For @GekkoTadpole247 (Fidget Pet, Blade of Ahrah)

    05C5C056-B332-4254-B209-7866EE4F3294.png 842C85E8-0661-4351-B4DA-3E46B72DA701.png For @Realicraft (Eevee Pet, Pokeball)

    5D6398E8-0C53-4407-ABE2-5DA08AF19B24.png D86018B7-3F59-4BB5-93A0-450A0DEF8EFE.png DE17CEF2-9E38-491E-8FEC-B983A7140FF4.png 2C1F702B-5C5B-45B4-8595-5DBAF4A3A60E.png 4D8BF866-B224-45BD-883E-F4B0DE211C94.png 0185D9BF-C829-4E1B-9FD6-FFB0D431E996.png FA90B17E-9630-4DC5-BF76-3C10A2E14747.png 4CBA5E2B-A891-4E8F-B497-7D5384CE31A9.png For @darkmega5 (Evil Gaster, Gaster Blasters with Soul Traits)

    Terrarian's Last Wish.png For @dayork21 (Terrarian's Last Wish)

    1D2DEEAE-1436-4B66-89C9-4E417AA9E0BC.png For Ender_Hawk (Rocket League Key)

    9E8DBA02-94B1-4858-B2A3-9A81BBA44E52.png For @-=+=Frostiikin=+=- (Frostii Mask)

    1F6BAA95-37DA-4C16-A764-7DE6EED51ABA.png AA9B7D2B-F395-4F15-9890-96613C1F9083.gif For @Under cover cabbage (Cabbage Slime, Dancing Cabbage)

    71B4EBF2-4086-461E-9D0A-61EFA1142FC3.png For @Dynorok (Holy Grenade Launcher)

    A26C1C35-8417-430E-B813-198C00AB849F.png BDB1AD07-C02F-4374-90B6-EE930C147337.png 67802A61-01BC-43A2-BDC3-BA2D746784AD.png 430B1381-2919-4155-BF42-48988635C109.png E312D079-07F6-4D43-A412-DF6D022582FB.png 664F2790-BFA1-4FC8-95D9-25080E6675E0.gif 59267469-0FE3-46FB-91F9-B2C44B652B4D.gif 1EB80EFC-2120-4A6B-ABBF-03E67ACC0E19.gif 09EE3096-3DB9-4863-A523-C3E9D1E3A2A3.png DFCFE68A-F007-44F9-9A17-1013F1E4A88E.png CF7F19DB-5D52-4CAB-8B68-5FE5AA950D0B.png Berry.gif A1645F36-2A15-4175-9484-4AF544DC537E.gif For various Last Posters (CANNON (item), CANNON, CANNON Ball, True Dirt Block, Vortexian Bayonet, Yellow Soul Minion, red Soul Canister, Red Soul Minion, Skeleton Crown, Skeleton Crown + Skull, Flower Accessory, Flying Strawberry, Yellow Soul Canister.)

    9B3F0E71-431C-4F15-936D-A2E6D31F4B30.png For @coffeemancer (Martian Bubble Shield)

    12FB6201-A49D-4D1B-90CE-C7D8B86FA891.png From @Melty (Slime Launcher)

    3F61EBB6-55B0-4E9D-9216-D400F6C2F1FC.png From @Th3K1ll3rOfSk3l3tron (Old Kraken Trophy)

    2906751F-3505-482D-8CF5-7FB423FC40CD.png From @GekkoTadpole247 (Huzbubber's Borf High Priest Mask)

    (Note: Some of these sprites are resprites of existing items in the vanilla game, just to make them cooler or to make ‘true’ versions of weapons. Also, a lot of the ones in this post are older, go down to find newer ones.)

    Support my sprites!

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    Sprites Banner 2.png

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    Sprites Banner.png

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  2. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Good job! My favorite is the sword that looks like a candy cane.
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  3. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Here’s the second batch of sprites. (Forgot to reserve first post, but das ok.)

    Phanto-Flux Bow.png E88ED77C-9A7D-4C40-871B-32FADA6316E2.png 5EAC8088-9464-460A-90FE-353C33A39AD0.png C34A4D23-F3AF-4FEF-9380-FF0635826007.png 2607A515-2991-4F66-BC61-CED685A13F03.png 4CAF2A28-FEA9-4735-B1DA-4EC9439A6CD1.png Aquamarine Stave.png Granite Clubsword.png Flying Fox Staff.png Google Chromium Saber.png Google Chromium Pickaxe.png Google Chromium Axe.png Google Chromium Hammer.png Google Chromium Drill.png Google Chromium Chainsaw.png Google Chromium Bow.png Google Chromium Pike.png Google Chromium Repeater.png Bleeding Moonshine.png Testeroni.png Phantom Bullet.png Phantom Arrow.png Doubbow.png Ink Sprayer.png Tentacle Whip.png Whirlpool Scepter.png Krakite Staff.png Suckered Hook.png Stratos Fissure.png Name Your Price Tool.png Firehawk.png Scythe Storm.png Eyesite Laser Rifle.png Blighted Staff.png Ink!Brush.png

    Phanto-Flux Bow, Huzbubber's Knife, Flare Rifle, Lihzard Power Pistol, Scorpion Tail, Staff of Oof, Aquamarine Staff, Granite Clubsword, Flying Fox Staff, Google Chromium Saber, Google Chromium Pickaxe, Google Chromium Axe, Google Chromium Hammer, Google Chromium Drill, Google Chromium Chainsaw, Google Chromium Bow, Google Chromium Trident, Google Chromium Repeater, Bleeding Moonshine, Barf Sword, Phantom Bullet, Phantom Arrow, Doubbow, Ink Sprayer (old), Tentacle Whip, Whirlpool Scepter, Krakite Staff, Suckered Hook, Stratos Fissure, Name Your Price Tool, Firehawk, Scythe Storm, Eyesite Laser Rifle (bad), Blighted Staff, Ink!Sans Brush.

    8528BFF7-BE25-4004-AFA0-A7AC0DCF9775.png 3A66BB29-3E01-4DA4-84E0-A1FCAE71B706.png 8F7F06D0-9773-4B43-9064-407E35F31519.png 57042F12-F1F9-4E85-853F-080A496FAE42.png 9965758D-6627-474A-B5A9-94A59F675EB7.png B80A3136-556D-441B-ADD4-001721B53339.png 7774F6B6-8CBE-43D1-B043-D01A7636374E.png A1B6A3ED-509B-486D-91D9-6158C5F64181.png CA6F4F64-D64F-427A-A624-3B9D27E59B80.png Strange Tablet.png Aquamarine Crystal.png Pinky Fish.png Molten Crate.png Google Chromium.png Greater Restoration Potion.png Tattered Fox Wing.png Cursed Ink Sac.png Kraken Treasure Bag.png Ink Canister.png OCTAHEDRON_OF_TRANSCENDENCE SPRITE.gif <- This is just a shrunk down gif I had an idea for. Bottomless Bucket.png Bottomless Honey Bucket.png Bottomless Lava Bucket.png Spectral Bullet.png Eye of Ocram.png Ocram Treasure Bag.png Strange Soul.png

    Golden Flower Tea, Golden Flower Petal, Duke Fishtron Treasure Bag, Key of Flight, Key of Fright, Key of Might, Key of Sight, Key of Smite, Lihzard Brick, Strange Tablet, Aquamarine, Pinky Fish, Molten Crate, Google Chromium Bar, Greater Restoration Potion, Tattered Fox Wing, Cursed Ink Sac, Kraken Treasure Bag, Ink Canister, Octahedron of Transcendence, Bottomless Bucket, Bottomless Honey Bucket, Bottomless Lava Bucket, Spectral Bullet, Eye of Ocram, Ocram Treasure Bag, Strange Soul.

    060B7423-A43F-4BC3-8673-63D12F86D169.png Spectral Dye.png Etherian Blessing.png Magmatic Diving Gear.png Flying Fox Wings.png Crimshield.png Ebonshield.png Heart of the Jungle.png Hive Crown.png Ink Globule.png Kraken Mask.png Affliction Cell.png Dusken Helm.png Dusken Plate Mail.png Dusken Greaves.png Dusken Armor.png Huzbubber's Hoodie.png Huzbubber's Pantalones.png Huzbubber's Royal Garb.png Huzbubber's Hoodie (Equipped).png Huzbubber's Set.png Huzbubber's Royal Garb (Equipped).png

    Damage Capacitor, Spectral Dye, Etherian Blessing, Magmatic Diving Gear, Flying Fox Wings, Crimshield, Ebonshield, Heart of the Jungle, Hive Crown, Ink Globule, Kraken Mask (bad), Affliction Cell, Dusken Helm, Dusken Plate Mail, Dusken Greaves, Dusken Armor, Huzbubber's Hoodie, Huzbubber's Pantalones, Huzbubber's Royal Garb, Huzbubber's Hoodie (equipped), Huzbubber's Set 9equipped), Huzbubber's ROyal Garb (equipped).

    Borf Grave.png Molecular Column.png Molecular Monolith Placed 1.png Molecular Monolith Placed 2.gif Molecular Block.png Ocram Servant Banner.png Ocram Servant Banner Placed.png Gold Ocram Trophy Item.png Gold Ocram Trophy.png Blood Moon Trophy.png Frost Legion Trophy.png Frost Moon Trophy.png Goblin Army Trophy.png Martian Madness Trophy.png Old One's Army Trophy.png Pirate Invasion Trophy.png Pumpkin Moon Trophy.png Slime Rain Trophy.png Solar Eclipse Trophy.png Google Chromium Brick.png Creeper Banner.png Creeper Banner (Placed).png Ancient Doom Banner.png Ancient Doom Banner (Placed).png Ancient Vision Banner.png Ancient Vision Banner (Placed).png Hungry Banner.png Hungry Banner (Placed).png Leech Banner.png Leech Banner (Placed).png Phantasm Dragon Banner.png Phantasm Dragon Banner (Placed).png Plantera's Tentacle Banner.png Plantera's Tentacle Banner (Placed).png Diseaster Bunny Banner.png Diseaster Bunny Banner (placed).png Probe Banner.png Probe Banner (Placed).png Servant of Cthuhlu Banner.png Servant of Cthuhlu Banner (Placed).png Sharkron Banner.png Sharkron Banner (placed).png Spiked Slime Banner.png Spiked Slime Banner (placed).png True Eye of Cthuhlu Banner.png True Eye of Cthuhlu Banner (Placed).png Dungeon Guardian Banner.png Dungeon Guardian Banner (Placed).png Martian Probe Banner.png Martian Probe Banner (Placed).png Crimtane Goldfish Banner.png Crimtane Goldfish Banner (Placed).png Crimtane Bunny Banner.png Crimtane Bunny Banner (placed).png Vicious Penguin Banner.png Vicious Penguin Banner (placed).png Kraken Trophy.png Kraken Trophy (Placed).png Altar of Purity (Inactive).png Altar of Purity (Active).gif Companion Pedestal Item.png Companion Pedestal.png Bee Banner.png Bee Banner (placed).png

    Borf Grave, Molecular Monolith (item), Molecular Monolith (off), Molecular Monolith (on), Molecular Fragment Block, Servant of Ocram Banner (item), Servant of Ocram Banner, Ocram Collector Trophy (item), Ocram Collector Trophy, Blood Moon Trophy, Frost Legion Trophy, Frost Moon Trophy, Goblin Army Trophy, Martian Madness Trophy, Old One's Army Trophy, Pirate Invasion Trophy, Pumpkin Moon Trophy, Slime Rain Trophy, Solar Eclipse Trophy, Google Chromium Brick, Creeper Banner (item), Creeper Banner, Ancient Doom Banner (item), Ancient Doom Banner, Ancient Vision Banner (item), Ancient Vision Banner, The Hungry Banner (item), The Hungry Banner, Leech Banner (item), Leech Banner, Phantasm Dragon Banner (item), Phantasm Dragon Banner, Plantera's Tentacle Banner (item), Plantera's Tentacle Banner, Diseaster Bunny Banner (item), Diseaster Bunny Banner, Probe Banner (item), Probe Banner, Servant of Cthulhu Banner (item), Servant of Cthulhu Banner, Sharkron Banner (item), Sharkron Banner, Spiked Slime Banner (item), Spiked Slime Banner, True Eye of Cthulhu Banner (item), True Eye of Cthulhu Banner, Dungeon Guardian Banner (item), Dungeon Guardian Banner, Martian Probe Banner (item), Martian Probe Banner, Crimtane Goldfish Banner (item), Crimtane Goldfish Banner, Crimtane Bunny Banner (item), Crimtane Bunny Banner, Vicious Penguin Banner (item), Vicious Penguin Banner, Kraken Trophy (item), Kraken Trophy, Altar of Purity (inactive), Altar of Purity (active), Companion Pedestal (item), Companion Pedestal, Bee Banner (item), Bee Banner.

    Fox Minion.gif Akumu Pet.png

    Flying Fox Minion, Akumu Pet

    Whirlpool.png Toxic Ink Cloud.png Purific Conjuration.png Altar of Purity with Ring.gif Kraken's Curse.png Meteor Blade.png Puppy Pedestal.png Cube Pedestal.png Skull Pedestal.png Wisp Pedestal.png Slime Pedestal.png Dragon Pedestal.png Frost Hydra Pedestal.png Slimey Pedestal.png Pigron Pedestal.png Infected.png

    Whirlpool, Toxic Ink Cloud, Purity Ring, Altar of Purity (active with ring), Kraken's Curse, Meteor Blade (projectile), Companion Pedestal (dog), Companion Pedestal (Companion Cube), Companion Pedestal (Baby Skeletron), Companion Pedestal (Wisp), Companion Pedestal (Baby Slime), Companion Pedestal (Stardust Dragon), Companion Pedestal (Frost Hydra), Companion Pedestal (Slime Mount), Companion Pedestal (Pigron Mount), Infected Debuff

    ShArK.png Souper Eye.png

    Shark Gun, Upgraded Eye of Cthuhlu

    Medication Bottle.png

    Pill Bottle

    Pan test.png Steel Pan.png Demon Pan.png Bloody Pan.png Burnt Pan.png Golden Pan.png Platinum Pan.png Night's Pan.png Luminite Pan.png Jungle Pan.png Hallowed Pan.png Broken Hero Pan.png Chlorophyte Pan.png Pan of Cthuhlu.png Solar Skillet.png Terra Pan.png True Hallowed Pan.png True Night's Pan.png Watery Pan.png For @Astral Excalibur (Frying Pans)

    Pixie Dust Tile.gif For @D3RP/\TRON (Placed Pixie Dust)

    Birthday Cabbage.png For @Under cover cabbage (Birthday Avatar)

    Grapple Trap.png For @Jetstream ∞ (Grapple Trap)

    Copper Slime.gif Tin Slime.gif Iron Slime.gif Lead Slime.gif Silver Slime.gif Tungsten Slime.gif Golden Slime.gif Platinum Slime.gif Amber Slime.gif Emerald Slime.gif Amethyst Slime.gif Diamond Slime.gif Ruby Slime.gif Sapphire Slime.gif Topaz Slime.gif For @computerfan0 (Metal/Gem Slimes)

    Bird Man.png For @Person999 (Raven Caster)

    Brush Ting.png True Frostbrand.png Lightning Frostbrand.png Frosted Tome.png Frost Gun.png Frostbow.png For @darkmega5 (Giant Brush, True Frostbrand, Frost Weapons)

    Golden Heart.png Golden Candy Apple.png Golden Candy Cane.png For @Horiuchi (Golden Heart + Seasonal Variants)

    T2 Crystal (Item).png T3 Crystal (Item).png T2 Crystal.png T3 Crystal.png For @Baconfry (T2 and T3 Eternia Crystals)

    Reali's Scarf.png Reali's Striped Shirt.png Reali's Boot-Pants.png Reali's Set (equipped).png Can.png For @realicraft (Reali's Scarf, Reali's Striped Shirt, Reali's Pants, Reali's Set, Can.)

    Terra Meowmere.png For @DrScienceGuy (Terra Meowmere.)

    Slime Helmet.png Slime Breastplate.png Slime Leggings.png Crystal Helmet.png Crystal Breastplate.png Crystal Leggings.png Steampunk Helmet.png Steampunk Breastplate.png Steampunk Leggings.png Absorbant Water Sponge.png Absorbant Lava Sponge.png Absorbant Honey Sponge.png Liquid Manipulator.png For @TerrarianGamer0527 (Slime Armor, Crystal Armor, Steampunk Armor, Absorbant Sponges, Liquid Manipulator (old).

    Sanic Head.png Sanic Shirt.png Sanic Pants.png For @SDf (Sanic Set)

    Writing Book.png For @EparoBro (Writing Book)

    Spectral Dye (Overlay).gif From @Kazzymodus (Spectral Dye Animation. Thanks man!)

    Slime Gun III.png From @Kyneptic (Slime Launcher Resprite)

    Kraken!.gif Krakite.png Ink.gif WaterTing.png Enchanted Hook.png From @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. (Kraken, Krakite, Ink Ball, Water Droplet, Enchanted Hook. Thank you so much!)
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  4. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    And here's batch number 3!

    Solar Sentinel.png TurkorTron.png TurkorTron Head.png TurkorTron Hover Platter.png Mettaton.png Coral Monger.png Sky Guardian.png

    Solar Sentinel, TurkorTron, TurkorTron Head, TurkorTron Hover Platter, Coral Monger, Skyware Guard.

    Boomewrench.png Marshmallow Gun.png Cashligator.png Rainbow Crystal Egg.png Cogstorm.png Drizzle.png Mortem.png Jak.png Fractal.png Sunstroke.png Blood Scepter.png Agarium Saber.png Agarius.png Agarium Destroyer.png Agarium Greatbow.png Agarium Triscepter.png Agarium Staff.png Agarium Pamaxe.png Agarium Scytherang.png Red Phasesaber.png Blue Phasesaber.png Green Phasesaber.png Yellow Phasesaber.png Purple Phasesaber.png White Phasesaber.png Frostthrower.png Carapace Mauler.png Phantsmal Scepter.png Beach Bomber.png Cool Sword.png Cool Spear.png Midnight Swarm.png Cosmic Flare Buster.png Laser Pointer.png Malachite Saber.png Malachite Bow.png Malachite Bladedisk.png Blossom Gem.png Polyp Fountain.png

    Boomewrench, Marshmallow Gun (bad), Cashligator, Prismatic Egg, Cogstorm, Drizzle, Mortem, Jak, Fractal, Sunstroke, Blood Scepter, Agarium Chunk, Agarium Ore, Agarium Bar, Agarium Saber, Agarius, Agarium Destroyer, Agarium Greatbow, Agarium Triscepter, Agarium Staff, Agarium Pamaxe, Agarium Scytherang, Red Phasesaber Resprite, Blue Phasesaber Resprite, Green Phasesaber Resprite, Yellow Phasesaber Resprite, Purple Phasesaber Resprite, White Phasesaber Resprite, Frostthrower, Carapace Mauler, Phantasmal Scepter, Beach Bomber, Cool Sword, Cool Spear, Midnight Swarm, Cosmic Flare Buster, Laser Pointer, Malachite Saber, Malachite Bow, Malachite Bladedisk, Blossom Gem, Polyp Fountain.

    Bloody Mandible.png Bloody Arrow.png Uranium Bar.gif Obsidian Lockbox.png SUPREME Healing Potion.png Agarium Chunk.png Agarium Bar.png Google Chromium Bullet.png Google Chromium Arrow.png Suspicious Looking Pebble.png Agarium Bullet.png Agarium Arrow.png Lihzard Crate.png Void Crate.png Solar Flare.png Vortex Flare.png Nebula Flare.png Stardust Flare.png Shade Bullet.png Shade Arrow.png

    Blood Mandible, Blood Arrow, Uranium Bar, Obsidian Lockbox, SUPREME Healing Potion, Agarium Chunk, Agarium Bar, Google Chromium Bullet, Google Chromium Arrow, Suspicious Looking Pebble, Agarium Bullet, Agarium Arrow, Lihzard Crate, Void Crate, Solar Flare, Vortex Flare, Nebula Flare, Stardust Flare, Shade Bullet, Shade Arrow.

    Giant Wrench.png Mechanic's Jacket.png Mechanic's Overalls.png Mechanic's Set Equipped.png Villain Shirt.png Villain Pants.png Villain Set.png The Locket.png Freezeflame Boots.png Ralsei' Hat.png Ralsei's Cloak.png Ralsei's Scarf.png Ralsei's Set.png Ralsei's Set Scarf.png Soul of Yharon.png Reef Carpace.png Reef Carapace (Equipped).png

    Giant Wrench, Mechanic Jacket, Mechanic Overalls, Mechanic Set, Villain Shirt, Villain Pants, Villain Set, The Locket, Freezeflame Boots, Ralsei's Hat, Ralsei's Robe, Ralsei's Scarf, Ralsei's Set (no scarf), Ralsei's Set, Soul of Yharon, Reef Carapace, Reef Carapace (equipped).

    Krakite Banner.png Krakite Banner (Placed).png Uranium Cluster.png Uranium Ore (Placed).png Cultist Banner.png Cultist Banner (Placed).png Guide Banner.png Guide Banner (Placed).png Merchant Banner.png Merchant Banner (Placed).png Nurse Banner.png Nurse Banner (Placed).png Santa Banner.png Santa Banner (Placed).png The Bride Banner.png The Bride Banner (Placed).png Dragon Hornet Banner.png Dragon Horner Banner (Placed).png Moss Hornet Banner.png Moss Hornet Banner (Placed).png Drakomire Rider Banner.png Drakomire Rider Banner (Placed).png Lunar Permafrost.png Agarium Ore.png

    Krakite Banner (item), Krakite Banner, Uranium Crystal, Uranium Ore, Blue Cultist Banner (item), Blue Cultist Banner, Guide Banner (item), Guide Banner, Merchant Banner (item), Merchant Banner, Nurse Banner (item), Nurse Banner, Santa Banner (item), Santa Banner, The Bride Banner (item), The Bride Banner, Dragon Hornet Banner (item), Dragon Hornet Banner, Moss Hornet Banner (item), Moss Hornet Banner, Drakomire Rider Banner (item), Drakomire Rider Banner, Lunar Permafrost (ok), Agarium Ore.

    8F85CBC2-85FF-4293-8DDE-07D964FEE2BF.png 5497C203-9453-4582-A801-111915E97E08.png Agarium Drone.png Pet Rock.png

    THANOS CAR MOUNT, THANOS CAR MOUNT (riding), Agarium Drone, Pet Rock.

    Borf Symbol.png TurkorTron Neck Wires.png Hmm.png Agarium Palate.png Pet Rock Buff.png Laser.png Red Laser.png Blue Laser.png Green Laser.png Yellow Laser.png

    Borf Signal, TurkorTron Neck Wires, HMMM, Agarium Palate, Pet Rock (Buff), Laser, Red Laser, Blue Laser, Green Laser, Yellow Laser.

    Fire Cultist.png

    Fire Cultist.
    Shadowspec Brick.png Shadowspec Brick (Placed).png Shadowspec Brick Wall.png Shadowspec Brick Wall (Placed).png Shadowspec Platform.png Shadowspec Platform (Placed).png Shadowspec Torch.png Shadowspec Door.png Closed Shadowspec Door.png Open Shadowspec Door.png Shadowspec Bed.png Shadowspec Bed (Placed).png Shadowspec Bath.png Shadowspec Bath (Placed).png Shadowspec Bookcase.png Shadowspec Bookcase (Placed).png Shadowspec Candelabra (Off).png Shadowspec Candelabra.png Shadowspec Chandelier.png Shadowspec Chandelier (Placed:Off).png Shadowspec Chandelier (Placed:On).png Shadowspec Candle (Off).png Shadowspec Candle.png Shadowspec Chair.png Shadowspec Work Bench.png Shadowspec Table.png Shadowspec Table (Placed).png Shadowspec Dresser.png Shadowspec Dresser (Placed).png Shadowspec Piano.png Shadowspec Piano (Placed).png Shadowspec Sofa.png Shadowspec Sofa (Placed).png Shadowspec Chest.png Shadowspec Sink.png Shadowspec Clock.png Shadowspec Clock (Placed).png Shadowspec Lamp.png Shadowspec Lamp (Placed).png Shadowspec Lamp (Placed)(Off).png Shadowspec Lantern (Off).png Shadowspec Lantern (On).png Mariana.png Specter.png Profaned Scripture.png Unholy Lance.png Crabulon Mask.png Cryogen_Mask.png Aquatic Scourge Mask.png Brimstone Elemental Mask.png Astrageldon Slime Mask.png Ravager Mask.png Signus Mask.png Polterghast Mask.png Bumblebirb Mask.png Calamitous Soul Artifact.png Brimstone Crag Off.png Brimstone Crag On.png Brimstone Elemental Off.png Brimstone Elemental On.png Abyss 3 Off.png Abyss 3 On.png Abyss 4 Off.png Abyss 4 On.png ??? Off.png ??? On.png Siren Off.png Siren On.png Leviathan Off.png Leviathan On.png Astrum Deus Off.png Astrum Deus On.png Lunatic Cultist Off.png Lunatic Cultist On.png Doggo 2 Off.png Doggo 2 On.png Bumblebirb Off.png Bumblebirb On.png Yharon 1 Off.png Yharon 1 On.png Yharon 2 Off.png Yharon 2 On.png Yharon 3 Off.png Yharon 3 On.png Supreme Calamitas Off.png Supreme Calamitas On.png Exo Slime.png Auric Slime.png Grand Finale.png

    Shadowspec Furniture, Marianas, Specter, Profaned Scripture, Unholy Lance, Crabulon Mask, Cryogen Mask, Aquatic Scourge Mask, Brimstone Elemental Mask, Astrageldon Slime Mask, Ravager Mask, Signus Mask, Polterghast Mask, Bumblebirb Mask, Calamitous Soul Artifact, (Music boxes in both on and off states) Brimstone Crag Music Box, Brimstone Elemental Music Box, Abyss Layer 3 Music Box, Abyss Layer 4 Music Box, ??? Music Box, The Siren Music Box, The Leviathan Music Box, Astrum Deus Music Box, Lunatic Cultist Music Box, Devourer of Gods Phase 2 Music Box, Bumblebirb Music Box, Yharon Phase 1 Music Box, Yharon Phase 1 Music Box 2, Yharon Phase 2 Music Box, Supreme Calamitas Music Box, Exo Slime, Auric Slime. Grand Finale.
    Reverend's Stave.png

    Reverend's Stave (calamity crossover).

    Liquid Manipulator V2.png Steampunk Helmet.png Steampunk Headgear.png Steampunk Mask.png For @TerrarianGamer0527 (Liquid Manipulator, Steampunk Helmet Variants)

    Tactonyx.png For @_Dreamy (Tactical Onyx Blaster (Tactonyx))

    Huzbubber Voodoo Doll.png For @RoninGoblin (Huzbubber Voodoo Doll)

    Cabbage Salad.png For @Under cover cabbage (Cabbage Salad)

    Dedede Hat.png Dedede Shirt.png Dedede Boots.png Dedede (equipped).png For @darkmega5 (Dedede Vanity)

    Martian Shark.png Martian Squid.png Martian Goldfish.png Martian Goldfish (Walking).png For @RoninGoblin (Martian Shark, Martian Squid, Martian Goldfish (swimming and walking.)

    Oof Grenade.png For @Aedan the Borf (Oof Grenade.)

    A1BC7424-90C3-40BE-AB36-6ACC91DC17ED.png Tidal Ray.png From @Ai - T.a.S.A.I. (Ink Sprayer, Tidal Ray)
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  5. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I am now accepting requests!
  6. MentalDestroyr

    MentalDestroyr Skeletron

    Could I request a "true" bone sword?
  7. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Didn't @Melty make that 2nd slime launcher sprite?
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  8. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    It was sort of an unintended colab
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  9. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Yes he did, and I remixed it. I have yet to make a remix section, so it’s there for now.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 30, 2018, Original Post Date: Mar 30, 2018 ---
  10. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Also, I will PM you your sprite.
  11. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    when doing your recolours (e.g. duke fishron), do you make the whole thing from scratch or get a template?
  12. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Now that I use GIMP, I usually bring in the original sprite and remove the previous colors, but the Fishron one was actually made from scratch, pixel by pixel.
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  13. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    cheers!, and if you don't mind me asking, how do you bring in the original srite?
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  14. MentalDestroyr

    MentalDestroyr Skeletron

    Ok. Thanks!
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  15. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I just download the image file and open it in GIMP
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  16. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    ok thanks!
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  17. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    AMAZING :eek:
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  18. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

  19. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

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  20. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

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