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Pixel Art Huzbubber's Sprite Collection

Soo, do you like it? Also, what can I improve on?

  • I like it!

    Votes: 88 68.8%
  • I think it’s ok.

    Votes: 18 14.1%
  • I HATE IT.

    Votes: 5 3.9%
  • Nothing to be worked on.

    Votes: 14 10.9%
  • Shading

    Votes: 26 20.3%
  • Design

    Votes: 19 14.8%
  • Color palettes

    Votes: 15 11.7%
  • Some other thing I didn’t think of.

    Votes: 9 7.0%
  • It all needs work.

    Votes: 17 13.3%
  • By choosing this option you officially pledge your life to almighty Borf.

    Votes: 37 28.9%

  • Total voters

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Artist Request Conditions
Not Taking Requests
Requests are currently CLOSED

So, I make pixel art and stuff. Yeah.

(Note: Do not use any of my pixel art for any of your personal projects, as I am saving them for personal use. If you decide to share any of my pixel art anywhere, please give proper credit to me. Sprites are in sequential order from when I made them and in respective groups together. I currently make my sprites in Aseprite and GIMP.)

Skull Trap.png
Starhopper Derpling.png
Pea Gun.png
Needle and Thread.png
Void Set.png
Zigzag Blade.png
Bar Cannon II.png
Warpflare Bead.png
Warpflare Staff.png
Skellyton Vanity.png
Giant Face Monsters.png
Blood Moon Countess Vanity.png
Corroded Lungs.png
Sticker Sac.png
Aspid Gun.png
Primal Aspid Gun.png
Reverend's Stave 2.png
Ring of Calamity 2.png
Radioactive Juicebox.png
Miniboss Trophies.png
Reflective Headband.png
Molten Crate.png
Obsidian Lock Box.png
Hellbloom Pendant.png
Ocram's Razor.png
Smiley Bomb.png
Staff of Grobletombus.png
Grobletombus Minion.gif
Grobletombus Buff.png
Magnetar Projectile.gif
Cosmic Radiation Debuff.png
Test Potion.png
Vortexian Gravity Normalizer.gif
Occipital Buffer.png
Lunar Aorta.png
Agarium Stuff 2.png
Pillar Pets.png
Hellstorm Greatbow.png
Marshmallow Gun.png
Infinite Improbability Device.png
Reef Carapace.png
Polyp Fountain.png
Beach Bomber.png
Dandelion Wand.png
Dandelion Sprout.png
Red Rum.png
Cosmic Bacon.png
Baconic Transcendance.png
Selenian Saber.png
Aphotic Fissure.png
Darkflow Edge.png
Ultraviolet Raygun.png
Boid Music Boxes.png
Spiculehopper Banner.png
Spiculehopper Banner Item.png
Obama Poacher 1.gif
Obama Poacher 2.gif
Obama Crimera.gif
Obamalion Mandible.png
Obama Mandible Blade.png
Tombama Crawler.png
Obama Wraith.gif
Obama Devil.gif
Unholy Obama Trident.png
Obama Armor.gif
Granite Clubsword.png
R'hlyian Marrow.gif
Essence Cleaver.png
Alpine Spiritstone.png
Crevasse Carver.png
Corrovine Flamberge.png
Moss Mites.gif
Moss Pod Scepter.png
Boris Painting Item.png
Boris Painting.png
Tidal Brick Item.png
Tidal Brick .png
Tidal Brick Wall Item.png
Tidal Brick Wall.png
Tidal Chest.gif
Gladekeeper's Saber.png
Millybug Cookie.png
Marissa's Wings.png
Thistlewind Longneedle.png
Elder's Circlet.png
Elder Rings.gif
Heroic Scythe.png
Fog Stuff.gif
Small Stuff.png
Forest Friend Pet.gif
Sunset Shiv.png
Mournful Camaraderie.png
Stage 6.png
Apollyon Sunrise.png
Crystalline Scepter.png
Crystal Wall Full.png
Magma Gland.png
Kraken Treasure Bag.png
Enchanted Hook.png
Ink Spritzer.png
Tentacle Whip.png
Whirlpool Scepter.png
Suckered Hook.png
Ink Heart.png
Kraken Mask.png
Kraken Trophy Item.png
Kraken Trophy.png
Cursed Ink Sac.png
Baby Kraken.gif
Kraken Relic Item.png
Kraken Relic.png
Ramshacle Raft.png
Repugnant Chum Bucket.png
Aquamarine Crystal.png
Tidal Key.png
Cosmic Flare Buster.png
Stratos Fissure.png
Phantsmal Scepter.png
Potion Gun.png
Name Your Price Tool.png
Mech Stuff.png
Cosmic Set.png
Grimm Set.png
Scarlet Bat.gif
Stellar Ebullition.png
Cardboard Sign.png
Sagittarius and Arrow.png
Roomba Lord.gif
Magnetar Cannon.png
Radio Scepter.png
Gates of Agartha.gif
Forgotten Soul.png
Obama Eyes.gif
Obama Saucer.gif
Obamahaul Dev Set.png
DaBaby  Car.gif
Glory of Gilead.png
Devout Carapace.png
Stag Bell.png
Madness Mic.png
Flow Splicer.png
Flow Schism.png
R'lyehnian Edict.png
Slo- Trans Piston Core.png
Walking on Rain.png
Abyssal Spirit Shard.png
Lethal Omen BG.png
Fire Squirrel.png

Blueshift Phaser, Deathwand, Computer Animation, Deerfox Antler, Deerfox Buff, Deerfox Pet, Woff Ear, Woff Buff, Woff Mount, Woodman NPC, Google Chromium (Bar, Saber, Bow, Pickaxe, Hamaxe, Scepter), Magic Lightspeed Pistol, Fusion Pillar Staff, Coronal Mass Ejector, LHBC (Late Heavy Bombardment Cannon), Miniship, Skull Trap, Starhopper Derpling, Oneshot Journal, Phosphor (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Peashooter Gun, Tentacle Gun, Needle and Thread, Void Material, Void Slash, Hollow Remnant Scepter, Void's Ascendance, Abyssal Vengeance, Zigzag Blade, Bar Cannon, Warpflare Bead, Warpflare Staff, Full Skeleton Vanity, Giant Face Monster, Chalice, Blood Moon Countess Vanity, Corroded Lungs, Sticker Sac, Aspid Gun, Primal Aspid Gun, Reverend's Stave, Ring of Calamity, Radioactive Juicebox, Calamity Miniboss Trophies (Giant Clam, Earth Elemental, Nuclear Terror, Suprete Cataclysm, Eidolon Wyrm, Cragmaw Mire, Catastrophe), Reflective Headband, Molten Crate, Obsidian Lock Box, Hellbloom Pendant, Ocram's Razor, Smiley Bomb, Staff of Grobletombus, Cosmic Enforcer Minion, Cosmic Enforcer Buff, Solar Sigil, Vortex Sigil, Nebula Sigil, Stardust Sigil, Magnetar Projectile, Cosmic Radiation Debuff, Test Potion, Vortexian Gravity Normalizer, Occipital Buffer, Lunar Aorta, Agarium (Chunk, Bar, Saber, Greatbow, Destroyer, Triscepter, Yoyo, Probe Staff, Probe, Pamaxe), Celestial Totems (Solar, Vortex, Nebula, Stardust), Mini Celestial Pillars (Solar, Vortex, Nebula), Hellstorm Greatbow, Marshmallow Gun, Anathema, Infinite Improbability Device, Reef Carapace, Polyp Fountain, Beach Bomber, Dandelion Wand, Dandelion Sprout, Red Rum, Bloodthirsty Buff, Cosmic Bacon, Baconic Transcendance Buff, Selenian Saber, Aphotic Fissure, Unnamed Boomerang, Darkflow Edge, Ultraviolet Raygun, Blindvoid Music Boxes (Everglade, God of Gray, Mind of the Fortress, Sunchaser), Spicule Hopper, Spicule Hopper Banner (Tile/Item), Obamahaul Resprites (Obama Poacher, Obama Crimera, Obamalion, Obamalion Mandible, Obama Mandible Blade, Tombama Crawler, Obamoth, Obama Wraith, Obama Devil, Federal Trident, Possessed Suit), Daggerpistol, Granite Clubsword, R'hlyian Marrow, Essence Cleaver, Alpine Spiritstone, Everest, Crevasse Carver, Hellwatcher (Phase 1 and 2), Corrovine Flamberge, Moss Mite (Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple), Hellwig, Glow Bugs (Krypton, Xenon, Argon), Moss Pod Scepter, Boris Painting, Tidal Brick (Block, Wall), Tidal Chest, Gladekeeper's Saber, Millybug Cookie, Marissa's Wings, Thistlewing Longneedle, Elder Circlet, Elder Rings, Heroic Scythe, Foggy Filament, Uoma Bead, Volatile Core, Ooma Cannon, Ooma Core, Gelatinous Conductor, Uoma Staff, Uoma Minion., Charged Lumafly Jar, Ooma Egg (Normal, Explosive), Hornet Vanity Set (Mask, Cloak, Equipped), Primal Aspid, Hunter's Mark, Hunter's Bushmask (Item, Equipped), Shaman Shellmet, Forest Friend Pet, Cube Apple, Sunset Shiv, Retrogenesis, Mournful Camaraderie, Place in the World Fades Away, Apollyon Sunrise, Crystalline Scepter (Weapon, Projectile), Magma Gland, The Kraken, Krakite, Kraken Treasure Bag, Enchanted Hook (original by @⠀Ai⠀ ),, Ink Spritzer, Tentacle Whip, Whirlpool Staff, Suckered Hook, Ink Heart, Kraken Mask, Kraken Trophy (Item, Tile), Cursed Ink Sac, Baby Kraken Pet, Kraken Relic (Item, Tile), Driftwood, Ramshackle Raft, Repugnant Chum Bucket, Aquamarine Crystal, Tidal Key, Cosmic Flare Buster, Stratos Fissure, Phantasmal Scepter, Potion Gun (original by @⠀Ai⠀ ), Name Your Price Tool, Mech Turret Remote, Mech Turret, Doge, Cosmic Set (Material, Saber, Blaster, Whip, Staff), Grand Entrance, Scarlet Shot, Hidden Nightmare, Crozier of Flaming Dreams, Scarlet Bat, Stellar Ebullition, Cardboard Sign, Sagittarius, Nova Arrow, Roomba Lord, Magnetar Cannon, Radio Scepter, Gates of Agartha (Gate Wanderer, Lost Citizen, Agarthan Sentry, Primeval Antler, Ancient Sentry Horn, Tuskbolt, Agarium Chunk, Agarium Bar, Agarthan Forge, Agarthan Chest, Agarthan Portcullis, Agarthan Bricks (Block, Wall), Keeper of Agartha (Boss, Mask, Trophy)), Forgotten Soul, Obama Eyes, Obama Saucer, My Obamahaul Dev Set (Equipped, Veyesor, Cloak, Pants, Riftwings, DaBaby Golf Cart (Mount, Item, Buff), Glory of Gilead, Devout Carapace, Stag Bell, Ballistic, Madness Mic, Zavodilla, Gospel, idk, Flow Splicer, Flow Schism, R'lyehnian Edict, Slo-Trans Piston Core, Walking on Rain, Ocram Worm, Abyssal Spirit Shard, Spam, The Iris, Deeproot Stave (Weapon, Summon), Lethal Omen, Vitreous (Weapon, Projectile, Counterweights), Fire Squirrel, Exotic Flesh (Item, Placed), Fractal Tissue Construct, Flaming Sword.


Fancy Name.png

His Throne.png



Pride Flags.png
Demisexual FlagBG.png


Me on Mt. Elbert, Profile Page Name Text, His Throne (Local 58), Delta, P R E Y (Gemini Home Entertainment), Pride Flags, Friend Portraits.

Demon's Bulwark.png
Abyssal Spirit Shard.png
Soul Piercer.png
Soul Bow.png
Festive Yharim.png
Wyrm Egg.png
Divine Butterfly.png
Divine Butterfly.gif
Brimfly Jar.gif
Divine Butterfly Jar.gif
Eidopillar Tank.gif
Coldheart Flask.png
Horrific Brew.png
Necrotic Flesh.png
Sans Gun.png
Sans Missile.gif
Worm Bow.png
Brimcrux Scepter.png
Waste Of Talent.png
Sans Suitt.png
Rock Tile.png
Hole Yoyo.png
Ravaged Soul.gif
Bar Projectiles.png
Blueshift Phaser.png
Deerfox Antler.png
Twig Buff.png
Woff Ear.png
Woff Buff.png
Woodman NPC.gif
Piggy Banner.png
Google Chromium Bar.png
Google Chromium Saber.png
Google Chromium Bow.png
Google Chromium Pickaxe.png
Google Chromium Hamaxe.png
Google Chromium Scepter.png
Magic Lightspeed Pistol.png
Fusion Pillar Staff.png
CME Cannon.png

Demon's Bulwark, Abyssal Spirit Shard, Soul Piercer, Soul Bow, Sphere, Festive Yharim Painting, Wyrm Egg, Brimfly, Divine Butterfly (Item/Critter), Eidopillar, Brimfly Jar, Divine Butterfly Jar, Eidopillar Tank, Bereavement, Coldheart Flask, Horrific Flask, Necrotic Flesh, "Sans Gun," "Sans Missile," Unnamed Robot, Worm Bow, Bobbit Tooth, Baby Bobbit Worm, Baby Bobbit Worm Buff, Brimcrux Scepter, Gnome, Sans Costume, Rock Tile (Used in Calamity!), Placed Calamity Bars. Animated Placed Cosmilite Bar, Animated Placed Shadowspec Bar, Beelzebooster, Plaguelon, Bender Sans, Black Hole Yoyo, Ravaged Soul, Helium Flash, Bar Projectiles (Vanilla/Calamity/Thorium).

Support my work with these banners! Codes for the banners are in the spoiler below



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Thanks for checking out my sprites! If you want to know more about them just ask me, I’m currently in the process of modding a lot of them into the game. Let me know what I can improve!
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