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Soo, do you like it? Also, what can I improve on?

  1. I like it!

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  2. I think it’s ok.

    15 vote(s)
  3. I HATE IT.

    4 vote(s)
  4. Nothing to be worked on.

    10 vote(s)
  5. Shading

    22 vote(s)
  6. Design

    16 vote(s)
  7. Color palettes

    13 vote(s)
  8. Some other thing I didn’t think of.

    8 vote(s)
  9. It all needs work.

    15 vote(s)
  10. By choosing this option you officially pledge your life to almighty Borf.

    29 vote(s)
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  1. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Requests are currently CLOSED

    So, I make sprites and stuff. Yeah. Presuming you want to see some of them, here ya go!

    (Before we start, note that a lot of these are fan sprites for Calamity and aren't official, unless they get accepted, which would be neat. Also, do not use any of my sprites, as I am saving them for personal use. Most sprites are in sequential order from when I made them, but they're probably not all 100% correct. I currently make my sprites in Aseprite and GIMP.)

    Festive Yharim.png Wyrm Egg.png Brimfly.gif Divine Butterfly.png Divine Butterfly.gif Eidopillar.png Brimfly Jar.gif Divine Butterfly Jar.gif Eidopillar Tank.gif Bereavement.png Coldheart Flask.png Horrific Brew.png Necrotic Flesh.png Sans Gun.png Sans Missile.gif Spoider.png Worm.png Worm Bow.png BobbitTooth.png BabyBobbitAnimated.gif BabyBobbitBuff.png Ring of Calamity.png Brimcrux Scepter.png Waste Of Talent.png Sans Suitt.png Rock Tile.png PlacedCalamityBars.png CosmiliteBarTileAnimated.gif ShadowspecBarTileAnimated.gif Beelzebooster.gif plaguelon.png OC Weapon.png Bender.gif Hole Yoyo.png Ravaged Soul.gif hmm.png Bar Cannon.png Bar Projectiles.png

    Festive Yharim Painting, Wyrm Egg, Brimfly, Divine Butterfly (item/critter), Eidopillar, Brimfly Jar, Divine Butterfly Jar, Eidopillar Tank, Bereavement, Coldheart Flask, Horrific Flask, Necrotic Flesh, "Sans Gun," "Sans Missile," Unnamed Robot, Unnamed Worm (@Darkpuppey shaded the head and made the palette,) Worm Bow, Bobbit Tooth, Baby Bobbit Worm, Baby Bobbit Worm Buff, Ring of Calamity, Brimcrux Scepter, Gnome, Sans Costume, Rock Tile, Placed Calamity Bars. Animated Placed Cosmilite Bar, Animated Placed Shadowspec Bar, Beelzebooster, Plaguelon, OC Weapon, Bender Sans, Black Hole Yoyo, Ravaged Soul, Helium Flash, Bar Cannon, Bar Projectiles (Vanilla/Calamity/Thorium).

    Demon's Bulwark.png Abyssal Spirit Shard.png Soul Piercer.png Soul Bow.png Orb.png

    Demon's Bulwark, Abyssal Spirit Shard, Soul Piercer, Soul Bow, Sphere.

    Thanks for checking out my sprites! Let me know what I can improve!
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  2. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Good job! My favorite is the sword that looks like a candy cane.
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  3. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  4. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  5. SkeletalDestroyr

    SkeletalDestroyr Skeletron

    Could I request a "true" bone sword?
  6. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Didn't @Melty make that 2nd slime launcher sprite?
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  7. Melty

    Melty Skeletron Prime

    It was sort of an unintended colab
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  8. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Yes he did, and I remixed it. I have yet to make a remix section, so it’s there for now.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 30, 2018, Original Post Date: Mar 30, 2018 ---
  9. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Also, I will PM you your sprite.
  10. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    when doing your recolours (e.g. duke fishron), do you make the whole thing from scratch or get a template?
  11. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    Now that I use GIMP, I usually bring in the original sprite and remove the previous colors, but the Fishron one was actually made from scratch, pixel by pixel.
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  12. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    cheers!, and if you don't mind me asking, how do you bring in the original srite?
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  13. SkeletalDestroyr

    SkeletalDestroyr Skeletron

    Ok. Thanks!
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  14. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

    I just download the image file and open it in GIMP
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  15. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

    ok thanks!
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  16. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    AMAZING :eek:
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  17. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

  18. PixelPete

    PixelPete Skeletron

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  19. Huzbubber Tim

    Huzbubber Tim Ice Queen

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  20. SkeletalDestroyr

    SkeletalDestroyr Skeletron

    Those Calamity Trophies are amazing! They almost look like they could be official.
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