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Hybrids of Easter egg seeds


There are these "easter egg" seeds in the game like "for the worthy" and "not the bees". I was thinking of making hybrids of these easter egg seeds:

"bees are for the worthy"(for the worthy + not the bees)
-this seed would just be like the "not the bees" seed but with for the worthy mechanics in it.

"Journey's end"(05162020 + terraria)
-it will have a similar world gen like the drunken seed but with a slight twist, not only you it will have a party girl at spawn, there would also be a guide to go along with her and his name will always be "Andrew".
-The clothier should always be named "James".
-the steampunker's name should always be "Whitney".

"The worthy's journey"(05162020 + for the worthy)
-drunken seed with ftw mechanics

"The bees are drunk"(05162020 + not the bees)
-a combo of drunken seed and bee seed's world gen.
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