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I need some help modifying the games main menu.

Hi guys :) I'm relatively new to modding, I'm into pixel art and I want to make a skin pack for Terraria. I have no coding experience, so far all the mods I've made have been simple retextures in pixel art games. I have no knowledge of coding and it is definitely not my strength.

I've tried digging thru the game files to see how I could modify the main menu but have come up with nothing. I hoped it would be as simple as re-texturing a few image files but I have a creeping suspicion that it is much more complicated than it would be if I was just modding Doom lol. I have some questions for someone with some experience and would really appreciate some help!

I would first like to start out by changing the background image of the main menu so it is just one still image. That's my first step. I want to be able to create a mockup and figure out where I want to place everything. I also need to know the image resolution size for the main menu image.

I want to completely remake the aesthetic look of the main menu. I want the background image to be a gif that just repeats a simple animation on a loop. It might be 4-6 frames. I want to animate flashing lights and a blinking Neon sign.

I also want to get rid of the floating Terraria logo, I think I know how to do that, I just have to experiment with it later on.

I want to redraw the games logo so its included in the gif animation and I dont want to use the vanilla floating Terraria animation at all.

Later on I want to change all the fonts and menu borders but right now I just need help with modifying the main menu.

I also want to know if it would be possible to change the positions of the menu buttons?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
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