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I need souls of light

So I need souls of light my hallow used to be my corruption and now I dont have hallow in the cavern layer so I cant get souls of light. How should I try and get them?


Brain of Cthulhu
Go to the Dryad, buy Hallowed Seeds, plant them on dirt blocks throughout the Cavern layer, then wait until the Hallow spreads.
okay I did this is this good?


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Eye of Cthulhu
okay yea nothing is spawning its been a day :/

Are you in Journey Mode? If so make sure you don’t have spawnrates turned off.

Make sure you aren’t near a town or any NPCs which will greatly hinder how much enemies will spawn.

Make sure the Hallow Biome is big enough to change the music and background to Hallow. You may have to get farther from the mushroom biome to tell. It might have to be bigger, but IIRC it doesn’t take much pearlstone.

Finally, keeping most of the Pearlstone offscreen (but still being in the biome) will greatly increase how many hallowed enemies you get because they spawn on pearlstone but no enemies can spawn onscreen.

You can also get souls from non-Hallowed enemies in the Underground Hallow, don’t stress if you’re not getting many Hallowed enemies as long as you’re getting souls to drop.
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