Ice Blue and Yellow clentaminator solutions

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  1. John Egbert

    John Egbert Skeletron Prime

    Now I literally just got the clentaminator, and got an Idea for it, why not have a Snow and Desert solutions?

    I present to you,

    Ice Blue solution
    Sold by the Steampunker when she lives in the Snow biome
    Spreads the Snow biome

    Yellow solution
    Sold by the Steampunker when she lives in the Desert biom
    Spreads the Desert biome

    Icy Cyan solution
    Made from 1x Ice Blue solution and 1x Cyan solution @A Imbuing station
    Spreads the Hallowed Snow Biome

    Icy Red solution
    Made from 1x Ice Blue solution and 1x Red solution @A Imbuing station
    Spreads the Crimsoned Snow Biome

    Icy Purple solution
    Made from 1x Ice Blue solution and 1x Purple solution @A Imbuing station
    Spreads the Corrupted Snow Biome

    However, the Ice Blue/Yellow/Others solution can only be used on the Snow/Desert biome
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  2. piemansauce

    piemansauce Spazmatism

    How would it spread? By changing the blocks into sand/ice? No other solution has this mechanic and I imagine it will be difficult to program so sorry but no support.
  3. Spazmatizm

    Spazmatizm Skeletron Prime

    That wasn't even what bothered ME, I twitched at the "spreading Corrupted/Crimson/Hallowed/Meowphuryted snow biomes" part
  4. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    Dark blue solution already turns dirt into mud, doesn't it? And don't the other non-green solutions turn mud into dirt?
  5. Spazmatizm

    Spazmatizm Skeletron Prime

  6. DoktorDare

    DoktorDare Terrarian

    I would really like this! I have a very old world on console, the first world i ever built on and actually accomplished things on.
    it is so old it does not have a Snow/Ice biome.
    I would really like to convert some chunk into a Snow biome to bring more life into that world.

    Every biome should have a solution for spreading it or converting it.

    Purity, Jungle, Desert, Snow, Crimson, Hallow, Corruption.

    I'd even like a Hellfire Solution that can convert things to Underworld. To completely overtake the whole world with Underworld, Water becomes Lava, dirt and mud becomes ash, stone becomes obsidian brick, etc.
  7. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    I don't understand- could you explain what you're trying to tell me?
  8. Spazmatizm

    Spazmatizm Skeletron Prime

    • Do not deliberately misquote people with the intent to distort their original post.
    Those solutions only transform the top layers of the grass into another block if necessary or even possible
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    that was me cleaning out my keys
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    goddamn it, freezies suck.

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  9. Nariofan101

    Nariofan101 Terrarian

    Who said these couldn't or wouldn't?
  10. Sigma90

    Sigma90 Brain of Cthulhu

    Green and Dark Blue Solutions cannot convert dirt to mud or vice versa. They also cannot convert dirt/stone to sand/sandstone or snow/ice. Green Solution, if sprayed on mud, will create Jungle. Dark Blue solution, if sprayed on mud, will create Mushroom.
    Red/Purple/Cyan solutions might turn mud into dirt; I have not tested this before so cannot say for certain.
    Edit: If this is the case (solution changes mud to dirt), it would only be because Corrupt and Crimson grass also first change mud to dirt before spreading over them.

    Green Solution simply removes spreading biomes, i.e. purifies the blocks. It will change Crim/Ebon/Pearl sand to normal sand (same with stone and sandstone), Red/Purple/Pink ice to normal ice and Corrupt/Crimson/Hallow grass to normal grass.

    For Ice Blue, it could probably work by changing dirt to snow and stone to ice. For Yellow, dirt to hardened sand (remember sand is affected by gravity) and stone to sandstone. But then you'd need a solution to change them back to dirt and stone, to balance things out. And probably a solution to change dirt to mud to restore Jungle.
    Such solutions could be very useful to world builders and would increase the usefulness of the Clentaminator. I'd prefer no restrictions on how it is used though. Extra solutions for types of ice is redundant; you can spray Red/Purple/Cyan solution over your new ice biome to transform it.