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The Destroyer
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The mod would add a boss, his drops, and his summoning item.

The Wall of Flesh would drop a thing called the Stardust Goldfish Emblem, and using it for the first time would activate a cutscene of some sort showing several hooded people.
In front of the hooded people would be a knife rack containing an ordinary looking kitchen knife, and on the other side of the knife rack, there would be a knight.
"You have proven yourself worthy..." one of the hooded people would say. "Now go forth, and receive the legendary Stardust Goldfish Blade!"
The knight steps forward, grabs the Stardust Goldfish Blade, and holds it above his head. Then the cutscene ends.
Using it for the second time would spawn the Stardust Goldfish Warrior.

The boss fight itself consists of 3 phases;
Phase 1, where he uses a weapon that's not the Stardust Goldfish Blade, according to what class you are, and ignores damage from other classes.​
Phase 2, where the Stardust Goldfish Blade turns into a weapon corresponding to your class,​
and he opens phase 2 with an attack that is garunteed to hit, does exactly 499 damage, and ignores defense, dodge, DR, and any modded things to reduce damage as well.
After that, you get a debuff that stops you from using any health regen, and gives you potion sickness. Phase 2 requires you to no hit him, and it's intended for post-plantera.
In Phase 3, the debuff and potion sickness disappear, and he uses an ability that gets him back to full health, but it also gets you back to full health.​
Then he attacks with all sorts of crazy attacks, not holding anything back.

After you beat him, he drops the Stardust Goldfish Blade, and then he runs away.
Using the Stardust Goldfish Emblem after beating him for the first time will show a cutscene where he steals the knife rack while the hooded people aren't looking,
and then finds out that it makes Stardust Goldfish Blades. Then the cutscene ends.
Using it after that will summon him again, and the fight goes exactly the same, but with slightly altered dialogue depending on how many times you've beaten him.

The Stardust Goldfish Blade itself is a shortsword that starts out like the One-Hit Obliterator, giving you infinite potion sickness and the debuff from phase 2, and dealing infinite damage.
Right-clicking it will switch it to a different class; the Ranger version would be a handgun,
the Mage version would be a tornado that you fly around in, and the Summoner version would be a really tiny whip.
If you craft it together with a broken hero sword and 5 fragments of every kind, you can turn it into the True Stardust Goldfish Blade.
The True Stardust Goldfish Blade deals Goldfish Damage, and it benefits from all damage boosts.
It's a shortsword that shoots bullets when you stab with it, and the bullets have a small AOE radius around them that does absurd knockback. The bullets do really good damage.
Right-clicking it turns it into a different attack mode.
Attack Mode 2 is a medium-sized whip that shoots tornadoes filled with blades when it swings.
Attack Mode 3 is a tornado that blows enemies away, and stabs them repeatedly if they get close enough.
Attack Mode 4 is a handgun that shoots ricocheting whips that whip in the direction of your cursor and break upon bouncing too many times.
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