Ideas I would like to see in Terraria


Since I don't want anything to get too unbalanced, I'll leave one idea here for right now and come back to this later if I have anything else.

1. Sky lakes should have a guaranteed Water Chest, possibly some crates too.

Not many people take fishing in Terraria too seriously--- often calling into question the importance of Sky lakes. When any given world is limited to several boxes of Sky chests, these resources are often limited. Especially in Vanilla multiplayer, it can be very difficult for players to have proper mobility. This would help the Sky biome just have a little more content and value in its sparse expanse. Some crates would also help to give extra Sky loot, and possibly a guaranteed Water Walking Boots in one Sky lake. This would be one step in the right direction of giving the Sky biome revisit value, which I may elaborate on later. (sky pylon? extra biomes and structures... definitely enemies too)
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