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Xbox 360 If you need ANYTHING.

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Formulus, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Formulus

    Formulus Terrarian

    I'm to the point where I basically hae multiples of pretty much anything, there's 1 thing I'm missing, and one thing only:


    So if anyone ever wants to trade a Nymph Banner for anything, ;et me know how many platinum coins you want, what weapons, armor, boss drops, summons, accesories, anything, I've got it all.

    So, on to selling, I've got seriously everything, to name a few rare ones, and all of these are more than 1:

    Rod of Discord
    Broken hero Sword (3 full stacks)
    Trophies (All of them)
    Paladin's Hammer/Shield
    Ankh Shield
    Mechanical Glove
    Banners banners banners
    All Armor sets and a few thousand bars of each
    Blizzard Staff
    Bone Key
    Amber Mosquito
    Toy Sled

    Seriously, if there's something you want, or IF YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU EARN ONE FOR YOURSELF

    I know how to basically acquire everything, i have a lot of farms set up, just hit me up with a message and let's go do some terraria

    GT: Formulus
  2. The978

    The978 Terrarian

    Hello. I sse this is posted 2 months ago, but if you still sell some of these, i will buy:

    Blizzard staff

    I can pay in platnium (15 for each) or if you want a specific item, tell me

    GT: The 978
  3. Trendy23

    Trendy23 Terrarian

    I'm looking for the grinch mischief whistle.. I've been farming for the last 2 weeks :(. What would you want for it??

    Gt: trendy 23
  4. i could use a adamantine/titanium forge
  5. SohCahToa

    SohCahToa Terrarian

    I got a Nymph Banner for you. May I have a Fiberglass Fishing Rod and a Razorpine please? GT is HMS Tigers
  6. Blindjester3

    Blindjester3 Terrarian

    In serious need of the Eye Spring.
    Gt: Blindjester3
    Pop a message please.
  7. SohCahToa

    SohCahToa Terrarian

    sent you one
  8. Blindjester3

    Blindjester3 Terrarian

    Willing to trade anything I have for an Ancient Cobalt Chest plate. I had one and lost it.
  9. GreyGhost11B

    GreyGhost11B Skeletron Prime

    Looking for rainbow dye. Willing to trade most anything or pay with platinum coins
  10. terrariahardmode1

    terrariahardmode1 Terrarian

    lots of these posts are dead.. if you need rainbow dye still, let me know
  11. GreyGhost11B

    GreyGhost11B Skeletron Prime

    Thanks. Was finally able to get what I needed to make it.
  12. Velocity DK

    Velocity DK Terrarian

    I would need one of all trophies and bone key!
  13. Temmeh

    Temmeh Steampunker

    Rod of Discord
    Broken hero Sword
    Paladin's Hammer
    Ankh Shield
    yep. that's all i want if this post is still alive
  14. Bones Mcgee

    Bones Mcgee Terrarian

    I'm looking for a lihzarhd altar, i will pay 1-3 platinum

    GT is SafeGoldfish627