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Short Story I'm a paladin


Santa Claus
I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission.
I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission.
I'm a paladin, I'm on a mission.

Life and death are no more. Hundreds of the damned crawl around me, they tear each other apart until there is no flesh left in bone. My own skin is now cold and deformed. These dark chambers must be Hades itself, yet their beat-up walls feel so familiar, and the light of their candles a little bit comforting.
What has become of me? Have I turned into a monster? Was I not sworn to destroy them?
The screams haunt me from above and within. There is no escape. May the water spirits have mercy. May my king return for us.

How long has it been?

I'm a paladin.

An opening was made high above, and the faintest sunrays can be seen. They taunt me, as the light repels my being of darkness.
Forgive me, spirits, for I have killed a man. I cannot leave, but he could enter. I feel like a beast, and lost to myself.
The damned cry out as a single voice, and I must join them.

I'm on a mission.

The cultists, scums of the land, how dare they? I found their markings, and now I understand: It is their dark magic that plagues us, it sustains the prison we dwell in and the torture we endure. This was their sacrifice, we were the sacrifice to their ancient lord.
I failed my mission, I couldn't stop them. Forgive me.

Time is a well, time is an ocean.

Every so often we get a visitor, which really livens up the place. The things they wear and wield are often strange, and they never seem fond of conversation. They like to bleed a lot.

Time is a lie.

I remember now, the last day of my life. My king, how dare you! You were one of them, a lunatic in disguise. Your paladins and legions were but a fraud. Did you ever look back on those you cast down here? Did these rituals satisfy your true desire?
A life spent serving hypocrisy. A bastion turned into eternal dungeon. Cursed be your soul.


No hope for humanity. Nothing left to profane. They deserve it. Now this is my mission. Now I am the monster.

I'm the m͑ö́n̷ste̗r.͔
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Eye of Cthulhu
The cultists, scums of the land, how dare they. I have seen the marks, and now I see clearly; their dark magic plagues us, it sustains the prison of suffering we dwell in.
This was their sacrifice. We were the sacrifice to their ancient lord.

Is that what it is? Do I have to kill the Lunatic Cultist(and/or Moon Lord)???



Santa Claus
I had to come back and edit this post to rewrite it a little bit. It wasn't quite right.

It's obvious if you know me, but I wrote this little thing in memory of the original Story of a Paladin. That story meant a lot to me years ago, back when I was very active in the forums, but it got too long and I didn't finish it. With this post, it was finally put to rest.

I don't think I ever was a good writer, I don't think I'm very good now either. I was just a teen, and now I'm barely starting my twenties, and I'm more of a math guy than an arts guy. But people did enjoy my story, and I hope some of those people got to see and enjoy this detached "final entry".

I loved Terraria, and I still do. I just beat the Moon Lord with a friend today, my second run on expert mode. It was cool!

Love y'all, and happy holidays! (If it's soon enough to say that)
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Well that's an interesting story!
On a similar note, congrats on beating Moonlord!
And Happy Holidays to you too!
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