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Eater of Worlds
More mods to come.

The first misc mod that I have made is called:

imkSushi's Fatal Lava Mod

This mod means that if you touch lava without a lava charm (or something like that) you will die. Download now from the Mod Browser.

Download Count: 457+
Mod Browser Ranking: ~25

Obsidian Skin Potions now work.
Updated to tModLoader 0.8

Second mod:

imkSushi's Toggle World Features Mod

This mod lets you toggle various world features, but at the moment, only expert mode.


Check out my main mod at:
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I'm adding an addon for Cheat Sheet:
imkSushi's Toggle World Features Mod.
You will be able to:
  • Toggle Expert Mode (1.0.0 - Today)
And in future versions (released within a week)
  • Toggle the NPCs you have found
  • Toggle the bosses you have defeated
  • Toggle the Hardmode Ore Types in your world
  • Toggle Hardmode
  • Toggle other stuff
Hey Sushi thanks so much for making this..

I had a HUGE problem in my world where the hallow always spawned to the left and it was a huge problem because the surface hallow ended up sandwiched between two natural corruption biomes.

I enabled hard mode, and then killing the Wall of Flesh didn't generate the corruption and hallow strips, so I can spread as much or as little as I want now..

Thanks again, this pretty much saved my playthrough!
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