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Mobile Improving some interface-related settings


Mobile Terraria developers have done an amazing job porting the game to mobile devices. The improvements to controls since 1.3 version release cannot be underestimated.
Autoswing option made mobile version somewhat more enjoyable to play than on PC, in my opinion, since it actually provided more options to play with.

To further improve mobile players' experience I suppose it would be worthwhile to consider following suggestions.

1. Speeding up buying items
Unlike on PC buying large amounts of common items takes much more time. Such behaviour has been present on mobile since version 1.2, at the very least. And impeded using arrow- and bullet-shooting weapons to some degree. Probably, instead of speeding up it would be more flexible and convenient to create a special field where you could enter a number of items you want to buy.

2. Make Frame Skip option behave like on PC
On PC turning off frame skip forces the game to draw all graphical frames regardless of how much real-world time it would take. This could produce lags however, but we should remember it is only an option.
Since mobile devices tend to have less computational resources, they usually need to skip more graphical frames than PC version would do to keep up with real-world time pace. In combat such behaviour leads to situations where players cannot react to dangers soon enough because they have not even received information about them from their device.
I really don't know what currently frame skip option actually does right now on mobile. No combination of options I tried gave me PC-like behaviour.

3. Force save world (without exiting)
Occasionally Terraria crashes while playing large worlds. Presumably due to memory exhaustion. Autosave system already prevents a large chunk of damage. Giving the player ability to control when to save the world (without exiting it, however) would be a nice addition too.

4. Make autopause work in inventory
That's why it even exists, at least for me, is taking a break and sort out my inventory without being interrupted every five seconds by mobs. It might as well be a more flexible solution to give 3 autopause modes depending on where it works: completely disabled, only in settings menu, in settings and inventory.


Staff member
Point 4 exists as this is a future change coming to PC in 1.4, and felt counter-intuitive to implement then remove once 1.4 arrives.


That's a bit unfortunate developers decided to change pause in such way on PC. Nevertheless, "old" (i. e. current) autopause would be useful on mobile.
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