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In-depth Hardmode weapon tier list


So conclusion?
42-44.5 damage is the maximum for the Blade staff)

Recently tested Stynger vs Nail gun
(warding, low-offence set)
Duke Fishron, both the same 1.49
Pumpkin moon, Final wave time
Nail Gun – 2.17 AM
Stynger – 3.43 AM

Nail Gun damage - > More stynger projectiles, as all exploding weapons have fixed hits per second
Stynger's wide area effect is not an advantage, as you can stick a lot of nails on the ground and carpet-bomb an entire path

Nail Gun is worse a bit in FM, in terms of damage delays, but not total DPS

I suggest nerfing Stynger in the list to A tier, and buffing the Nail gun

Cross-class testing
Shroomite, all-menacing, Stynger = late FM wave 16
Hallowed helm, monks belt, shinobi pants, Scourge of the corruptor only, wave mid 17
Seedler – late 17
So the Stynger is weaker in this sense too

New tests of the Shadowbeam staff and inferno fork. Crystal assassin build
Frost Moon, started at 7.30
Results are captured at 12.00
Shadowbeam staff: wave 11, literally 0%
Inferno fork: wave 9, 84%

Other results
Resonance Scepter: wave 12, 2%
Scourge of the corruptor : wave 12, 64%
Seedler: wave 13, 15%
Terra blade: wave 16, as crazy as it is (melee+ projectile used, 7 frames speed)
Vampire Knives: wave 10, 46%
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