PC In-game achievements wiped. Any way to restore?


Official Terrarian
What happened is the following:
The achievement list was fully complete both in game and Steam ever since 1.4.1 update.
Today, I accidentally launched the game in Family Share mode instead of regular launch.
From prior observations on another device, any time the game is launched there, achievement file is replaced with a blank one.
Unfortunately, this did happen there, too. Now I am stuck with an empty list in-game but full completion on Steam.
The achievements-steam.dat file responsible for this does not seem to react to game reinstall, verifying integrity of game files, or enabling Steam Cloud.
It is also, supposedly, encrypted, so it cannot be trivially edited or replaced with a complete file from another user.

Is there anything to sync Steam achievements list to in-game one, or restore full list in any other way? As minor as the issue may appear, it nonetheless is impactful and I would prefer not to reobtain what I have done for about 3 times already. Constant achievement pop-ups do not help either.
My in-game achievements recently reset and I still have no idea as to what could have caused it. I really hope there is a simple way to fix this other than getting them all again.
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