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tModLoader Inlustris Mod



The Inlustris Mod is a content mod that adds a bit of a twist to the game. Introducing the Sanity mechanic and accompanying class, the Sorcerer, a new play-through will be spiced up just a bit more.

The mod is heavily work in progress, with content only really existing around Pre-Hardmode and poking a bit at the middle of Hardmode and endgame.
Inlustris is also not very compatible with multiplayer. There is some work put into stability, but there are a few bugs and issues that may subtract from your experience.

As of, a massive amount of bugs tied to multiplayer have been fixed. If you are using an older version, please update as soon as possible.

Sanity is the new mechanic introduced by the mod, represented by 3 bars.

The main bar at top tracks your current Sanity, as do the purple numbers below the bar. It will also track Insanity when it occurs.

The blue bar to the left tracks time until regeneration, and the blue number shows how much is regenerated on fill.

The red bar to the right tracks time until sanity loss due to unfavorable conditions, and the red number shows how much is lost on fill.

Sanity is technically infinite, and can drop below 0. When it does, however, the player is sent into Insanity. The longer the player remains in this state, the more harmful effects will start to occur, ending with a quick death. Using your sanity in moderation is key to utilizing the new class.

The Sorcerer class offers a far more versatile playstyle. Each and every weapon is designed to reach anywhere on the screen, so if you can see it, you can hit it. This class is where Sanity management really begins to shine, and smart usage is well paid off. All weapons have an alternate right-click function as well, be it an alternate attack or a way to boost yourself temporarily.

Alpha - Mod Founder + Primary Code Developer + Music Developer + Spriter
Phobostar - Primary Spriter
Smarcasm - Spriter
Darkpuppey - Spriter
FailureOfMankind - Spriter
Skeletony - Spriter
Enreden - Spriter
Nvar004 - Spriter
TrueJosh?! - Discord Server Co-Founder
Omega - Multiplayer Playtester

There are currently 150+ items, 4 bosses, and 2 Town NPCs, one with custom currency. This will, of course, only grow larger.

Detailed changelogs and files are located in the Discord Server, so please consider joining and monitoring the progress from there: Join the Inlustris Mod Discord Server!

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Glad to see a TCF page for this now! I tried it many months back, but since there wasn't a lot of content yet, didn't use it much.
That said, I'm looking forward to the Sanity mechanics, and the Sorcerer class a lot! I like the darker take on magic, and the use of sanity as a game mechanic especially in a game with as many lovecraftian nods as Terraria has!

Also, I don't remember if I ever joined the Discord to mention this, but I made a suggestion for an "improved" sanity bar. I don't mean it looks better but I do mean it would look more like part of Terraria's UI, due to the more simple aesthetic. It would likely fit somewhere around the Health area. As it's been a long while since I used the mod, I don't actually remember what the 3 bars each do, aside from knowing there's 1 main one and 2 smaller ones. But anway, here's this.

Current design:

My suggested design:


This is the current problem with the mod: Sanity bar is just in the way and feels like it would be better if you changed the size or positioned it somewhere else.


I've experienced a very strange (if not particularly gamer breaking) bug using this mod in combination with Antiaris. Since the guide's house from that mod and the astral island from this one are at about the same place on the x axis, the guide's house spawns on top of the astral biome. Weird

Edit: I don't really care if anything is done with this info, I thought it was just a fun thing to know about


Golem is out. This should clear out most of the confusion, and the mechanic as a whole has been turned back to a more simple yet effective system. The bar itself starts off at a good position, too.
I just updated to the v0.7.2.2 and found a game-breaking bug which makes the game unplayable, when I try to place anything in the world it uses two blocks, for example, when I try to place a platform it consumes two platforms and I can also continuously place another platform on that same block position. I have no idea why it's happening but I know its this mod after trial and error trying to disable mods as I go. I'll keep it disabled for now but send me a message when you believe it's fixed.


Thank you to everyone who's been reporting the item consumption bug. A release fixing this will be out shortly on the browser.


The bar appears at all times, and I don't think there'd be an easy way to merge the bar. Is the UI getting in the way?
I'm not sure I didn't start playing with the mod yet. It just concerns me that calamity adds 2 bars (rage and adrenaline) then elements awoken adds another one and then terraria overhaul adds the crit bar (which gets into the way of elements awoken) My hud is getting quite chunkey.


I'll try to see what I can do about the sanity bar in the future. Maybe... draggable to different locations? We'll see.
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