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Xbox One Intro to Me

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Buliwyf26, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Buliwyf26

    Buliwyf26 Official Terrarian

    I've been following this forum for a while now and decided it's time to join.

    I started playing Terarria about 4 years ago when my kids asked me to play with them. At first I wasn't all that impressed. I mean, it's not breaking any barriers with graphics, Right? But I sat down and really gave it a shot, and found myself drawn in, spending time at work looking up strategies to beat bosses and recipes for better items.

    It wasn't long before I realized, I was addicted. This may very well be the most fun I've had on a game since I found Final Fantasy. I have since bought the pc version and for tablet too. I got my wife playing and now it's a great family game we all share together.

    This probably isn't the best of intros, but apart from staff, I doubt it'll get much reading. Anyway, I'm excited and anxiously waiting the new 1.3 release on the one. Thank you, to those who read this, and to those who've spent so much time on the update, I'm sure it will be excellent.
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