Irnvale- All is now what it seems (It really is, but don't tell Mors that)

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Should I do more or focus on my classes?

  1. Build moar or we will slaughter you!

  2. Get a proper education and degree, THEN build this trash

  3. I honestly don't care; do whatever

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  1. ArcticDraco

    ArcticDraco Official Terrarian

    So lately I've been working on a map for my mage. Now, I've finished and decided to release it. It's half adventure map, half usable design. Enjoy!

    In a usually calm village named Irnvale, the Sanctuary of Celestial Energy lies as a tourist attraction. However, a robed figure by the named of Mors goes by...

    It's a build that I've worked on for a while, and it's not terrible, but it's not good either. I have built before but never released them. It's meant as an "evil mage" build, but clearly I messed up on
    that. There are easter eggs around the place, with a lot obvious, but one just lurking somewhere...

    Somewhere high in the sky

    Somewhere (Thanks camera mode for not capturing the Nebula Monolith effect)

    A demolished part of the village

    Another demolished part of the village

    An inconspicuous lake, right? Right?!

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  2. shobiwan77

    shobiwan77 Skeletron

    You may want to provide some screenshots and/or a description of the map.
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  3. ArcticDraco

    ArcticDraco Official Terrarian

    I put in the images. I couldn't rename the spoilers because I'm a filthy casual who doesn't know how to do anything right, so it looks dumb.
  4. Zombie1Kenobi

    Zombie1Kenobi Steampunker

    This is texture pack section, not map section...
    (also just replace [spoiler.=*blank*] *blank* with the name)
  5. ArcticDraco

    ArcticDraco Official Terrarian

    Oh.. oops.