Xbox One Is it possible to re-create the Abyss from calamity in Vanilla?

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I'm wanting to re-create the Abyss from Calamity on Xbox as there's sadly no option to have mods . I know it'll be a massive project but I've wanted to do this for a long time. I'm trying to figure out how long it'd take. I have a to-do list and what I'd need resource wise. However I'm still wondering what blocks I'd use to replicate Voidstone and Abyss Gravel.

Possible Voidstone replacement: Hardened Sand (painted grey)
Possible Abyss Gravel Replacement: Marble? (painted black or blue)
Light sources are variable (living fire a good option)
Tools, DCU, Hammer, and Bottomless Waterbucket
Build time: 10-20 hours?
I can go afk while filling it up if I tie down the "use" bottom
Pic for reference to the light sources and general color scheme.
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