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Island Generation in Terrarian Oceans


If you go a bit further into the ocean to where you can’t see land or maybe in a large terrarian world you should be able to find little islands. These islands should have treasure chests/maps that you can use. The treasure should not be extraordinary but rather things like rubies, cutlasses (only in hard mode obviously), coins or wearable gear in the form of pirate hats or clothes.

Mr. Spruce Tree

The Destroyer
This shouldn't be in every world, like the pyramid. Unlike the pyramid, I don't think it should have any exclusive loot. I went ahead and made possible loot.
Also, maybe the chest could be a gold chest and buried inside the island?

Falcon Blade150%
Water Walking Boots

Tsunami in a Bottle
Ginger Beard125%
Gold Coin7-14100%
Gold Bar (In worlds with gold)

Platinum Bar (In worlds with platinum)
Fishing Potion

Crate Potion

Sonar Potion

Flipper Potion

Gills Potion

Water Walking Potion
Spelunker Potion

Hunter Potion

Dangersense Potion

Ironskin Potion

Regeneration Potion

Thorns Potion

Heartreach Potion
Journeyman Bait5-625%
EDIT: Removed pirate invasion items.
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