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Jointed signs

Is this good?

  • Wynaut? Support.

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • Nah. (Tell me why)

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What if you are making a giant building and you don't want to make a logo out of blocks? That's why I propose joined signs. If you've ever played Minecraft with OptiFine, you'll notice that blocks join seamlessly, and that's kind of what I want here. The main quirk would be that the text would be readable on the sign, without even mousing over it. The signs would obviously have to be placed right next to each other, and only then would they join. When you click on one of them to edit, you would edit all of them, but there would be a button on the GUI that would say 'Disjoint Signs'. Just in case you wanted to. Tell me what you think below!


um... we already have these:


They aren't much bigger then normal signs though, and it needs to be pretty big if people are going to be able to read them.
Signs are cheaper too. I added this because you may have a surplus of signs that you want to use. Also, there aren't any symbols of the statues.
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